Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle, with a small 2013 cosmetics

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Omitted words:

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In this area will appear the word cloud when you click on one of the
Concordle links (buttons?) above

In this area appear snippets arround words
clicked on in the cloud in the above area. This is the concordance area.

Concordle is written entirely in simple JavaScript
and the whole code is inside of this document.
In addition to this final code, there are also
versions of various steps in the development.
These are available at the other Concordle home page.
The story of Concordle is told (with detailed help) at Concordle's Google blogspot The author is no expert in JavaScript. Suggestions for
understandable improvements are very welcome.
At this stage, the example text explains some aspects of Concordle.
Ladislav Kocbach
Institutt for fysikk og Teknologi )
( Department of Physics and Technology )
University of Bergen,
Bergen, Norway