concordle.html in Simple HTML/JavaScript Editor

In the text window you see a text of the HTML and javascript - concordle.html  The other Concordle home page is
The story of Concordle is told (with detailed help) at Concordle's Google blogspot

In the text area below you can modify and type in as much HTML or JavaScript as you like - you can always fetch back the original.

To return from the program, use BACK button of the browser or close the extra window in some browsers.

Omitted words:

(Baby) Concordle-Cloud       Ordered-Cloud       Concordle-Ordered       Concordle-Foggy cloud      

In this area will appear the word cloud when you click on one of the
Concordle links (buttons?) above

In this area appear snippets arround words
clicked on in the cloud in the above area. This is the concordance area.

Clear the input      

This is an ultimate Open Source method (L. Kocbach).
Unfortunately it does not completely preserve all the code - see below. ( But also some spaces disappear somehow )
The simple idea of HTML + Javascript interpreter is originally by Richard Bowles

The source of concordle.html interfered with the "html editor" function of this page
It is fixed using a dirty trick:
The whole end of the original html is commented out, so that the input is not ended
by the end of "textarea". This is marked by an open - not ended - comment line.
After the document loaded - using onLoad="restore_the_code()" in the body declaration
The code is restored - here is the function - guess why there is the removal of the space ...

function restore_the_code()
    var ScriptInput = myInputWindow.theInsertedText.value;
	ScriptInput =  ScriptInput.replace(/EXECUTEJAVASCRIPT /, "EXECUTEJAVASCRIPT-->"); 
	ScriptInput =  ScriptInput.replace(/ JAVASCRIPTREMOVE/g, "<--JAVASCRIPTREMOVE"); 
Concordle is written entirely in simple JavaScript
and the whole code is inside of this document.
In addition to this final code, there are also
versions of various steps in the development.
These are available at the other Concordle home page.
The story of Concordle is told (with detailed help) at Concordle's Google blogspot The author is no expert in JavaScript. Suggestions for
understandable improvements are very welcome.
At this stage, the example text explains some aspects of Concordle.
Ladislav Kocbach
Institutt for fysikk og Teknologi )
( Department of Physics and Technology )
University of Bergen,
Bergen, Norway