Bergen University Participation in the Nordic Network for LHC Physics

Participants from the University of Bergen:
Per Osland, professor (node coordinator): e-mail
Department of Physics
University of Bergen
Allegaten 55
N-5007 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47-55 58 27 68
Fax: +47-55 58 94 40
Gerald Eigen, professor: e-mail
Anna Lipniacka, professor: e-mail
Bjarne Stugu, professor: e-mail
Abdel Wahab El Kaffas, Bjarte Mohn, Are Raklev, Alexander Vereshagin, Ola Øye
Higgs phenomenology
B physics
CP Violation
QCD vertex functions

Useful Links:

Preparatory meeting in Lund 16-18 March 2000.
Preparatory meeting in Copenhagen 8-9 September 2000.
Meeting in Oslo 16-17 March 2001
Meeting in Stockholm November 23-24, 2001
Meeting in Helsinki May 23-25, 2002
Meeting in Uppsala November 11-13, 2002
Meeting in Bergen May 8-10, 2003
Meeting in Lund November 27-29, 2003
Meeting in Copenhagen, June 16-18, 2004
Meeting in Stockholm, November 12-13, 2004
Meeting in Oslo, August 17-19, 2005

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