ProVoLo: Watermass transformation processes and vortex
dynamics in the Lofoten Basin of the Norwegian Sea

Workshop, 28-29 September 2017, Bergen


Programme with participant list and goals [PDF].


Download all talks as one zipped folder Here [75 MB]

List of talks and links to PDF files:

Overview and status update: Cruises , Ilker Fer
Overview and status update: Gliders & moorings , Anthony Bosse
Overview and status update: RAFOS floats, Henrik Søiland
Overview and status update: Drifters , Johannes Dugstad

Science Talks:
The status of the drifter array in the Lofoten Basin area , Inga Koszalka
Preliminary results from drifters- observations and stochastic modelling, Johannes Dugstad
Earlier model results on the instability of the slope current, Pål Erik Isachsen
Evolution of LBE in a seasonal to interannual changing environment, Anthony Bosse
Formation of the Lofoten vortex in a high-resolution ocean model , Denis Volkov
800-m resolution modeling of the Lofoten basin, Martha Trodahl
RAFOS-based high-frequency variability, Henrik Søiland
The dissipation of kinetic energy in LBE, Ilker Fer
Glider-based mixing, Anthony Bosse
The Mohn Ridge front: Mean structure and aspects of seasonal and mesoscale to submesoscale variability, Anthony Bosse
A new view of ocean circulation, Joe LaCasce