An updated list of talks given in international and scientific fora;

2021 Online, March 24. Arctic Science Summit Week, Climate Change and the Arctic Ocean: Nordic Cooling, Atlantic Inflow, and Arctic Sea Ice cover over the last century
2021 Online, February 22. Invited lecture for IARCP (Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee): Fram Strait Sea Ice Export - Why does it matter?

2020 Online, April 22. Invited lecture to Los Alamos National Laboratory: Arctic Sea Ice and Atlantic Water; Variability and Mechanisms
2020 San Diego, February 17. Ocean Sciences Meeting: How Atlantic heat makes Arctic sea ice retreat.
2020 San Diego, February 17. Ocean Science Meeting: Nordic and Barents Seas Cooling – Where Does the Heat Go? 
2019 San Fransisco, December 13, AGU Fall Meeting - Town Hall on Climate Restoration Solutions, invited talk: Arctic Sea Ice Loss.
2019 San Diego, Scripps Ice-Ocean Workshop, December 5-6: Workshop organizer and leader of discussions and summaries.
2019 Boston, MIT, November 18,  Arctic Dynamics Workshop, How Atlantic heat makes Arctic sea ice retreat
2019 San Diego, UCSD, USA, September 12, Scripps - Polar Seminar,  Arctic Sea Ice and Atlantic Water; Variability and Mechanisms
2019 Brussels, Belgium, February 27, ECRA General Assembly, Arctic Climate Change – Probably the most visible consequence of Global Warming
2018 Bergen, Norway, November 21, Nansen Legacy, Annual meeting: How winter sea ice change comes to the Arctic through the gateway of the Barents Sea – present and future
2018 Bergen, Norway, October 25, Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS): Atlantic water heat transport variability in the 20th century Arctic Ocean
2018 Stockholm, Sweden, October 18, Arctic Ocean Workshop, A simple physical model of the Atlantic inflow in the Nansen Basin
2018 Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. Wednesday August 8. Summer School: Natural Resource Management in a Rapidly Changing Arctic: Arctic sea ice loss – causes and consequences
2018 Davos, Switzerland. Tuesday June 19. Polar 2018 Conference, Polar Ocean dynamics: Sea Ice Variability and Predictability in the Nansen Basin
2017 Woods Hole, USA. Thursday October 26, Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS): Simulating variability in the Fram Strait sea ice export and related Arctic sea ice response
2017 Bergen, Norway. Monday October 2, Geophysical Institute 100 years - Atmosphere, Ocean and Siciety in Motion: 100 years of Physical Oceanography in Bergen
2017 EGU 2017, Vienna, Austria. 25. April, Invited talk in CL2.05 Arctic climate change: Arctic sea ice loss – two distinct spatial and seasonal patterns related to the ocean state
2017 Brüssels, Belgium - European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) General Assembly. Tuesday March 7. Arctic Climate stability and change.
2017 Wellington, New Zealand, IGS - Climate & Cryosphere, Thursday 16. Feruary:  Atlantic water influence on Arctic sea ice: new observations of hydrography, tracers and vertical mixing north of Svalbard.
2016 Vienna, Austria, EGU, Wednesday 20. April, State of the Cryosphere: Observations and Modelling: Fram Strait Spring Ice Export and September Arctic Sea Ice
2016 Helsingør, Denmark, Ice2Ice annual meeting, Tuesday April 5.  Fram Strait Ice Export and the Arctic September sea ice extent the last 80 years.
2016 Brüssels, Belgium, ECRA Workshop, Friday February 26.ECRA Workshop : Overview of ongoing Arctic Oceanography.
2016 Norwegian Research Council, Oslo, Norway. Polar dialog meeting: Polar Reseacrh in Bergen.
2015 Hyannis, Cape Cod, Tuesday November 3. USA, Forum for Arctic Modelling and Observation Synthesis School (FAMOS), The Barents Sea ocean cooler
2015 Hyannis, Cape Cod, Thursday November 5. USA, FAMOS, Consequences of Future Increased Arctic Runoff on Stratification, Circulation, and Sea Ice Cover
2015 Brüssels, Belgium, March 26, European Climate Research Alliance General Assembly 2015: What are the local impacts of Arctic climate change?
2015 Tromsø, Norway, Thursday 22. January, Arctic Frontiers Conference, Arctic-Atlantic climate change session,  Loss of Arctic and Barents Sea ice in relation to Atlantic influence
2014 Bergen,Norway, June 27, Challenges of the Changing Arctic: Continental Shelf, Navigation and Fisheries, Causes of Arctic Sea Ice Loss and a future outlook
2014 Hobart, March 13, International Glaciological Society, Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment, Grease and pancake ice growth in large scale sea-ice models
2013 Norrköping, Sweden, November 14, European Climate Research Alliance Arctic workshop, Arctic Sea Ice decline and ice export in CMIP5
2013 Brussels, Belgium, April 24,  ECRA Science Briefing for Policy-Makers, European Parliament, Arctic climate change: Local impacts of Global significance
2013 Tromsø, February 19, Climate and the Cryosphere, Norwegian Sea Ice Workshop, Sea Ice and Ocean work in Bergen - suggestions for future cooperation
2012 Bergen, Norway, September 4, Climate change in high latitudes, The role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic climate system
2012 Seville, Spain, June 1, Wokshop on impacts on Europe of crossing climate tipping points, Arctic Sea Ice melting
2012 European Climate Research Alliance, Brussel, Belgium, May 15, Arctic research at the Bjerknes Centre - Observations and modelling
2012 European Geophysical Union, Wienna, Austria, April 24, Arctic sea ice loss - a tale of two seasons,
2011 Bert Bolin Climate Centre: Arctic Climate Summer School, Abisko, Sweden, August 3, Sea ice 1&2 - thickness, melting, polynas, and feedbacks
2011 IUGG Melbourne, Ocean Mixing - IAPSO, June 29, Super cooling driven by mixing and frontal advection below fast ice in an Arctic Coastal Polynya
2011 IUGG Melbourne, Future state of the Arctic - IAPSO, July 1, Recent wind driven high export in the Fram Strait contributes to Arctic sea ice decline
2011 IUGG Melbourne, Ice Shelves and Glacier Toungues - IACS, July 2, Melting of the Fimbul Ice Shelf - a difficult case for Ice-Ocean Models
2010 IPY Oslo Science Conference, Norway, Friday 11 June, Ocean properties below the Fimbul Ice Shelf
2010 IPY Oslo Science Conference, Norway, Friday 11 June, Fram Strait Sea Ice Area Export: 1957 - 2009
2010 IPY Oslo Science Conference, Norway, Tuesday 8 June, Cold Deep Water formation on shallow banks in the Barents Sea
2010 SASSI meeting, Norwegian Research Council, 7 June, Fimbul Ice Shelf  Ocean properties and exchange towards the north
2010 IGS - International Symposium on Sea Ice Tromsø, Norway, 2 June, Grease ice thickness parameterisation
2010 Arctic Science Summit Week, Bergen, Norway, March 2, Barents Sea-Heat - Oceanic Advection and Surface Fluxes
2009, iAnZone Biennial Meeting and Sassi workshop, Montreal, July 25, Fimbil Ice Shelf  - top to bottom
2009, MOCA meeting, Montreal, July 23. Grease ice in ocean models - why it should be done and how to do it
2009, Arctic System Model workshop, Montreal, July 16. A few first Arctic sea ice results from the Norwegian Earth System Model 
2009, University of Washington, Polar Science Centre, Seattle, July 9. Barents Sea Ocean Transport - a 1D approach
2009, Arctic Science Summit Week, Bergen, Norway, March 26. Barents Sea Heat - Oceanic Advection and Surface Fluxes
2008, Forum For Research Into Ice Shelf Processes, Loose Hall Derbyshire, September 20, Structure and Variability of the Filchner Overflow Plume
2008, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, March 18, Frazil & Grease Ice in Polynyas on Svalbard
2008, Orlando, Ocean Sciences meeting, March 3, Oceanic Heat transport and Arctic Sea Ice Cover
2007, Vienna, European Geosciences Union, April 17, Observations of in-situ supercooled water in an Arctic polynya
2007, Bergen, Polar Dynamics, 30 August, Supercooling Under Fast Ice in Freemansundet, Svalbard
2006, Bornø Scandinavian Geophysical Fluid Dynamics workshop, August, Numerical results below Fimbulisen
2005, Dunedin, International Glaciological Society Symposium on Sea Ice, Fine scale sea ice modelling of the Storfjorden polynya
2004, Helgoland, FRISP workshop, Ocean processes below Fimbulisen - modelling results
2003, Hobart, Antarctic CRC, Sub ice shelf modelling and warming deep water in the Weddell sector
2002, Cambridge, DAMPT, Growth of frazil ice crystals in sea water - laboratory and numerical experiments.
2002, Nice, European Geophysical Society, Frazil ice formation in an ice shelf water plume.
2002, Norwich, University of East Anglia, Frazil ice formation and ice shelf water.
2002, London, University Collage of London, CPOM, Frazil ice formation in ice shelf water below the Filchner Ronne ice shelf
2001, Cambridge, British Antarctic Survey, Frazil ice formation in Arctic and Antarctic waters
2000, Nice, European Geophysical Society, Formation of turbid ice during the autumn freeze up in the Kara Sea
1998, Hobart, CSIRO, Sediment entrainment into sea ice in the Arctic: Ideas, experiments and calculations.
1998, Potsdam, N.Y. IAHR - International Symposium on ice, Sediment entrainment into sea ice in Arctic Leads: An experimental approach.
1998, Tromsø, Norwegian Polar Institute, Modelling sediments and frazil ice in shallow Arctic Seas.
1997, St. Petersburg, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Frazil ice formation and incorporation of sediments into sea ice in the Kara Sea.

Talks to the general public, administration and politicians;

2015 Oslo, Norway, May 27, The EU and the Arctic – European Commission , Stakeholder workshop on EU's Arctic policy: Local Impacts of Arctic Climate Change – An Overview
2014, UNIS, House of Lords - Arctic Commitee, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, September 18, Causes of Arctic Sea Ice  Loss and a Future Outlook, 
2014, Bergen, Norway, May 10, Framferden, Jordsystemmodeller og andre polarskrøner, Alumnidagene UiB 2014
2013, Brussels, Belgium, European Parliament, April 24, Arctic climate change: Local impacts of Global significance, ECRA Science Briefing for Policy-Makers
2011, Bergen, Norway, November 11, Klimaendringer: Globalt, lokalt, Antarktis og Arktis, Lærerkurs, Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
2010, Oslo, Norway, 16-17 February, Svalbard Science Forum 'Research access to Eastern areas in Svalbard' - Why is Storfjorden so important ?
2009, Bergen, Norway, April 15. Miljøutfordringen, Fra ord til handling - Tiltaksplan ytre miljø og miljøledelse, Klimautfordinger og konsekvenser
2009, Bergen, Norway, April 16.  Miljøseminar, "Kick the CO2 Habit", Transport – klimakonsekvenser og utfordringer
2009, Bergen Science Centre, Norway, April 26, "Verdens minste forskningsfartøy ? - to kalde Svalbard historier"

An almost complete list of posters I have made or contributed to as well;

2019, Sensitivity of submarine melting on 79N Glacier, Anhaus et al. West Antarctic Ice Sheet Workshop, Julian, USA, October.
2018, Sensitivity of submarine melting on North East Greenland towards ocean forcing, Anhaus et al. FAMOS Bergen, October.
2018, Arctic - Atlantic Climate Reponse Functions, Muilwijk et al. 2018, FAMOS Bergen, October 
2017, Towards Quantifying Submarine Melt Rates below 79NG Ice Tongue using a 1D ISW model, FRISP, Bergen, Norway, June,  P. Anhaus, L. H. Smedsrud, M. Årthun, P. A. Dodd, F. Straneo.
2017, Southern Ocean ventilation and bottom water formation driven by Weddell Sea polynyas, EGU, Wienna, Austria, J. Rheinlænder, L. H. Smedsrud and K. H. Nisancioglu
2016, Arctic sea ice change from 1850 to present, FAMOS, Boston, USA, Ingrid H. Onarheim, T. Eldevik, L. H. Smedsrud, and J. Stroeve
2016, Bottom melting of ArcticSeaIce in theNansen Basindueto AtlanticWater influence, FAMOS, Boston, USA, M. Muilwijk, L.H. Smedsrud,, A. Meyer, and I. H. Onarheim.
2015, Consequences of Future Increased Arctic Runoff on Stratification and Circulation, CLIVAR-ICTP Decadal Climate Variability abd Predictability, 16-20 November, Italy, Trieste.
2015, Oceanographic Observations collected during the Norwegian Young Sea Ice Cruise, FAMOS, Hyannis, Cape Cod, Wednesday November 4. USA.
2015, Fram Strait spring ice export and the September Arctic sea ice cover, Arctic Frontiers, January 21-23, Tromsø, Norway.
2014, Atlantic inflow and sea ice in the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean, 3rd annual FAMOS Workshop, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution October 21-24, USA.
2014, On modeling a variable lead closing parameter: dowe need to explicitly simulate grease ice in climate models? FAMOS, Woods Hole, October 21-24, USA.
2012, Quantifying the influence of Atlantic heat on Barents Sea ice variability and retreat, M. Årthun et al, European Geophysocal Union, Vienna, Austria, April 27
2012, Is Fram Strait ice export a driver for Arctic sea ice decline? F. Geyer et al, European Geophysocal Union, Vienna, Austria, April 23
2012, Arctic sea ice decline and ice export in the CMIP5 historical simulations, H. Langehaug et al, Nanzen-Zhu Summer School, Beijing, China, June
2012, Coupled Air-Sea-Ice Modelling of the Svalbard Region, P. W. Budgell et al, Ocean Science, Salt Lake City, February 22
2011,Deep water formation in the Barents Sea, C. Schrum et al, IPY meeting, Tromsø, Norway 
2011, A look at the basal mass balance of the Fimbul ice shelf using ice penetrating radar and oceanographic borehole data,  K. Langley et al, EGU, Wienna, Austria
2011, Grease ice parameterisation in sea-ice ocean models, L. H. Smedsrud, Torge Martin, and Jens Debernard, EGU, Wienna, Austria
2010, Arctic sea ice decline due to stronger wind-driven sea ice export since the 1960's, L. H. Smedsrud et al, AGU, San Fransisco, USA.
2007, Sea Ice freezing and formation of saline shelf water in Arctic polynyas, Polar Dynamics, 29-31 August, Bergen, Norway
2004, Winter field survey in the polynya and on fast ice in Storfjorden, Bjerknes Centenary, Climate change at high latitudes, Bergen, Norway.
2000, Formation of turbid ice during the autumn freeze up in the Kara Sea, EGS, Nice, France.
2000, Experiments with frazil ice and sediment aggregation, IGS - Sea ice and its Interactions, Fairbanks, Alaska.
1997, Entrainment of sediment into sea ice due to turbulence. NATO ASI - Ice Physics, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy.
1995, Formation Mechanisms for Dense Western Shelf Water. IAPSO XXI General Assembly, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.