Born 29. November 1937 in Oslo, Norway. Norwegian citizen. Married with Bjørg Mangerud.


Academic degrees

1961       Cand. mag. (Mathematics, chemistry, geography, geology) University of Oslo

1962       Cand. real. (Geology) University of Bergen

1962       Degree in teaching (Pedagogisk Seminar)

1965       Classes in Botany

1973       Dr. philos. (Quaternary geology) University of Bergen


Academic appointments

1963-1967  Vit. ass./Univ.stip (Scholarship), Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Bergen

1967-1970  Amanuensis (Assistent professor),                             --- " ---

1970-1976  Førsteamanuensis (Associate professor),                  --- " ---

1977-2004  Professor                                                                         --- " ---

2004-           Prof. Emeritus and Research Prof. (part time), Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and Dept. of Erath Science, Univ of Bergen


1965            Visiting scientist, University of Stockholm

1972            Visiting scientist (sabbatical year), University of Minnesota

1983-1984  Visiting professor (sabbatical year), University of Colorado

1990-1991  --------------------------"------------------------

1997             --------------------------´´-----------------------


Awards, etc.

1962 The Helga and Hans Reusch Award. University of Oslo.

1971 The Reusch Medal. The Geological Society of Norway.

1987 Fellow of The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (Trondheim).

1991 Fellow of Academia Europeae (London).

1992 Fellow of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (Oslo).

1995 The Fram Committee Nansen Award for Polar Research. University of Oslo.

1996 Fellow of The Royal Academy of Science, Medicine and Technology. Lund, Sweden

2005 The Broegger Prize. The Geological Society of Norway.

2006 Honorary member of Quaternary Research Association (QRA), Great Britain
2007 Honorary Member of International Union of Quaternary Research (INQUA).

2017 The James Croll Medal. Quaternary Research Association (QRA), Great Britain



1963-     Several different undergraduate and graduate classes in glacial and quaternary geology, geomorphology, sedimentology and stratigraphy at University of Bergen. Organized field excursions for students to many countries in Europe, and to the Arctic. Supervized a large number of cand. real/cand. scient. (Master) students and several dr. students.

                Given invited guest lectures at the following universities/institutions: Stockholm University, Lund University, Christian Albrechts University (Kiel), Alfred-Wegener-Inst. for Polar Research, Estonian Academy of Sciences,  London University, University of Edinburgh, University of Aberdeen, Columbia University, Browns University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Duke University, University of Tennessee, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, University of Colorado, University of Washington, University of California, Arizona State University.



Member of editorial board of scientific journals:

1981-1987            Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift

1977-1986            Boreas

1982-2004            Quaternary Research

1986-1990 and

1998-                     Quaternary Science Reviews

1986-2006            Journal of Quaternary Science

1991-1994            Arctic and Alpine Research

1992-2005            Quaternary International


Manuscript review for the following journals:

Annals of Glaciology, Arctic and Alpine Research, Boreas, Geochemistry-Geophysics-Geosystems, Geographic physic et Quaternaire, Geografiska Annaler, Geologische Rundschau, Geologiska Foreningen i Stockholm Førhandlingar, Global and Planetary Change, The Holocene,  Journal of Glaciology, Journal of Paleolimnology, Journal of Quaternary Science, Marine Geology, Nature, Norges Geologiske Undersøkelser - Bulletin, Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift, Paleogeography-Paleoclimatology-Paleoecology, Polar Research, Quaternaire, Quaternary Research, Quaternary Science Reviews, Sarsia, Science.


Review of proposals for the following research councils or institutions:

British Antarctic Survey, Comittee for European Development of Science and Technology (Brussels), Earthwatch (USA), International Science Foundation (Washington), National Science Foundation (USA), National Geographic Society (USA), Natural Environment Reseach Council (Great Britain), Naturvetenskaplega Forskningsrådet (Sweden), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Norwegian Research Council, Swiss National Science Foundation.


Some examples of professional posts:

1976-1979 Member of Council for Natural Science Research (RNF), The Norwegian Research Council

1981-1983 Chairman of Dept. of Geology, and of Board for Geology and Geophysics, Univ. of Bergen.

1985-2004  Member of the National comittee for International Union for Geological Sciences

1986-1988 President Norwegian Geological Society

1986-2000  Member of board of Nordic Laboratorium for Luminescens Dating.

1982-1988 President Norwegian Comittee for INQUA

1987             Member International Council of International Union of Quaternary Research (INQUA).

1989-1995 Member of the International Steering Comittee for the project: Polar North Atlantic Margins, Late Cenozoic Evolution (PONAM). European Science Foundation

1989-1994 Member of Committee for Climate and ozon research, The Norwegian Research Council

1992             Member of International expert panel for evaluation of the geology at Danish Universities.

1993-1995 Member of Steering Committee for the program "Paleoclimate of Arctic Lakes and Estuaries      (PALE)", National Science Foundation, USA

1994-1997  Chairman for board of the National Laboratory for Radiocarbon Dating, the Norwegian Research Council.

1996-2002  Member of the International Steering Comittee for the project: Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North (QUEEN). European Science Foundation


Member of scientific societies

Norsk Geologisk Forening

Norsk Geografisk Selskap

Det Konglige Norske Videnskabers Selskap

Det Norske Videnskapsakademi

Academia Europea

Quaternary Research Association (Great Britain)

International Glaciological Society

American Quaternary Association

American Geophysical Union

European Union of Geosciences