University of Bergen: Department of Earth Science: Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research


Jan Mangerud - Professor
Department of Earth Science & Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
Phone: +47-55 58 35 04 (direct)
Fax: +47-55 58 36 60

Mailing address:
Department of Earth Science - University of Bergen
Allègt. 41
N-5007 Bergen, Norway


Research interests:

  • Quaternary geology: Stratigraphy, glacial history, palaeoclimatology, sea level changes
  • Sedimentology: Glacial, lacustrine, shallow marine and tsunami deposits
  • Working areas: Northern Europe and the Arctic (Svalbard-Greenland-Northern Russia)

Jan Mangerud - Polar Urals 2000
Polar Urals, August 2000

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