Jan Mangerud: Publications on clastic dikes injected downwards

Larsen, E. & Mangerud, J. 1992: Subglacially formed clastic dikes. Svergies Geologiska Undersøkning, Ser. Ca 81, 163-170. Full text

Mangerud, J., Sønstegaard, E., Sejrup, H.-P. & Haldorsen, S. 1981: A continuous Eemian-Early Weichselian sequence containing pollen and marine fossils at Fjøsanger, western Norway. Boreas 10, 137-208. (The clastic dikes are described on pp. 164-165). Full text

Mangerud, J. & Skreden, S. 1972: Fossil ice wedges and ground wedges in sediments below till at Voss, western Norway. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 52, 73-96. (Note that these wedges are re-interpreted as injected wedges in Mangerud et al 1981). Full text