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Hans-René Bjørsvik, MSc, PhD
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MSc in organic synthesis Phone office: +47 55 58 34 52
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Dept. of Chemistry ORCID: 0000-0001-9593-6079
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Organic synthesis and transition metal catalysis is a focused area of the research group, which includs development of new and improved cataytic reactions, and new synthetic pathways in which transition metal catalysis are involved as an important part of a total synthesis.
We are particularly interested in the synthesis of N-heterocyclic compounds, such as benzo[c]cinnolines, carbazoles, carbolines, phenothiazines, and imidazoles with relevance in medicinal chemistry. The imidazole framework is of particular interest as this motif can be used as precursor for NHC ligands used in organometallics for various catalysts, for example for olefin metathesis, Suzuki cross-coupling, and oxidation catalysts.

Enabling technologies and organic processes. Development and investigation of continuous flow organic synthesis reactor systems and combined reaction and work-up platforms are important and long standing reserach activity in the group. We have successfully developed a novel approach for flow chemistry that is realized in a milli-reactor platform that we have named multi-jet oscillation disk (MJOD) milli-reactor system.

SAR & QSAR assisted organic synthesis in medicinal chemistry.


Regular courses

  • KJEM232 Experimental Organic Synthesis
  • FARM236 Medicinal Chemistry
  • KJEM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis (past)
  • KJEM233 Organic mass spectrometry (past)
  • KJEM335 Physical Organic Chemistry (past)
  • Special Topics

  • Organometallic reactions in organic synthesis
  • Retrosynthetic analysis
  • N-heterocyclic carbenes in synthesis
  • Experimental design and modelling in organic synthesis
  • Free radical reactions in synthetic organic chemistry
  • Instrumental methods in organic synthesis
  • Experimental organic synthesis and spectroscopy (project)
  • Recent publications

    • Hans-René Bjørsvik,* Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Vijayaragavan Elumalai. Hit to Leads with Cytotoxic Effect in Leukemic Cells: Total Synthesis Intermediates as a Molecule Treasure Chest. ChemMedChem 2020, 15, 862–870.
    • Eirin Alme, Karl Wilhelm Törnroos, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, and Hans-René Bjørsvik.* Synthesis of N-Aryl- and N-alkyl-Substituted Imidazolium Silver Complexes: Cytotoxic Screening by Using Human Cell Lines Modelling Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. ChemMedChem 2020, 15, 1509-1514.
    • Davide Cirillo, Francesco Angelucci, Hans-René Bjørsvik.* Functionalization of the imidazole backbone by means of a tailored and optimized oxidative Heck cross‐coupling. Advanced Catalysis and Synthesis 2020, 362, 5079-5092.
    • Davide Cirillo, Shahin Sarowar, Per Øyvind Enger, Hans-René Bjørsvik,* Structure-Activity-Relationship-Aided Design and Synthesis of xCT Antiporter Inhibitors. ChemMedChem 2021, 16, 2650–2668. (With front cover).
    • Davide Cirillo, Staffan Karlsson, Hans-René Bjørsvik.* A scalable high-yielding and selective oxidative Heck cross-coupling - a key step for the synthesis of trans-stilbenes European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2021, 5519–5529.
    • Stephanie Schwab, Katharina Sarnow, Eirin Alme, Roland Goldbrunner, Hans-René Bjørsvik, Rolf Bjerkvig, EXTH-32. Novel thioridazine derivates: antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing activity on glioblastoma cells in vitroNeuro-Oncology, 2021, 23 (Suppl. 6), vi170.
    • Shahin Sarowar, Davide Cirillo, Pablo Játiva, Mette Hartmark Nilsen, Sarah-Muheha Anni Otragane, Jan Heggdal, Frode Selheim, Valentín Ceña,, Hans-René Bjørsvik, Per Øyvind Enger.* The Styryl Benzoic Acid Derivative DC10 Potentiates Radiotherapy by Targeting the xCT-Glutathione Axis. Frontiers in Oncology 2022, 12:786739.doi: 10.3389/fonc.2022.786739.
    • Nicolas Mattias del Rio Fuenzalida, Eirin Alme, Frida Johanne Lundevall, and Hans-René Bjørsvik.* A high Rate, Seletive, and Productive Appel Type Reaction. Reaction Chemistry and Engineering. 2022 , 7, 1650-1659.
    • Francesco Angelucci, Davide Cirillo, Hans-René Bjørsvik* Imidazole backbone functionalization with olefin cross-metathesis. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2022, e202200437


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