Topology in Norway (TiN)

TiN is a project supported by Norges Forskningsråd (proj. no. 166580/V30). It expires in 2007, and is a direct continuation of the algebraic K-theory and topology projects that ran 1998-2003. Its main focus is to facilitate cooperation between the Norwegian universities, especially with a view of creating and maintaining a critical mass for research and education in topology.

Participating topology groups: UiB, UiO, NTNU.

Project coordinator: Bjørn Ian Dundas.


The mini symposium on ring spectra, K-Theory and trace invariants in Oslo, March 26th-28th 1998.
The mini symposium in algebraic K-theory and homotopy theory in Trondhjem, November 5th-6th 1998.
The mini symposium on algebraic K-Theory and topology in Oslo, May 25th-26th 1999.
The mini symposium on topology for the in Trondhjem, November 16th-17th 1999.
The mini symposium on topology in Trondhjem, November 9th-10th 2000.
The topology meeting in Oslo, May 15th-16th 2003.
The topology symposium in Trondhjem, November 25th-26th 2004.
The topology symposium in Oslo, June 2nd-3rd 2005.
The Nordic Conference in Topology in Trondhjem, November 24th-25th 2006.
The topology symposium in Bergen, June 11th-12th 2007.

Bjørn Ian Dundas
2007-03-06 14:47:19 UTC