Topologi på roterommet
BID, February 2013 (At h-bar)
1. Is size always important?
2. To comb the hair of a sphere
3. The Euler charcteristic
4. Fusion reactors
5. A flat world?
6. Pacman's universe
7. What is the shape of space?
8. A flat but finite universe
A. State spaces
B. The study of spaces
C. What is a deformation?
D. How to calculate with spaces

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Fusion reactors

  1. You CAN comb the hair of a doughnut ...
  2. V - E + F = ?
  3. If you keep plasma in a torus you probably have other problems ...
  1. What is the connection to the Euler characteristic?
  2. is the torus the only possibility?
  3. What does "deformation" amount to?

BjÝrn Ian Dundas