Notes and such

Disclaimer: Some of the material below contains known (mostly innocent) errors I have not gone back to correct, so use at own risk.

Virtual 2-vector bundles defines an "elliptic cohomology theory" (Trondhjem, November, 2006). My lecture notes on the proof of conjecture 5.1 in [BDR].

Excision in K-theory (Stanford, August 2, 2006). How I learned to use Beamer.

Perfekte grupper og eksotiske sfærer (Rondablikk Jan. 2003, Norwegian). Some fun with perfect groups, especially the binary icosahedral group.

Prerequisites in algebraic topology (Nordfjordeid Aug. 2002.) Notes for the summer school on motivic homotopy theory.

Stable motivic homotopy theory (Aarhus 2001.11.27). A presentation of the joint work with Østvær and Röndigs on a model for stable motivic homotopy theory posessing good model categories of modules over ring spectra.

Recent trends and results in algebraic K-theory: a survey (Uppsala 2001.11.02.) The last decade has seen major advances in algebraic K-theory. Some of these advances shed light on what K-theory actually is about. In this lecture I will try to take advantage of this, and talk both about K-theory in general and more specifically about recent results.

Goodwillie Calculus. (After T. G. Goodwillie). In Norwegian, (December 29. 1994). A short and elementary presentation of Goodwillie Calculus, meant to be understandable for anybody accepting the word "space".

The syntax of algebra is governed by finite sets. (October 5th, 1998) Some unpolished lecture notes from our undergrad topology seminar.

Nerves of n-categories. (February 22th 1999) The very unpolished and totally incomplete lecture notes from a Bielefeld talk. (slightly less ugly after a brief polishing in Stanford, June 5th 1999)

Det syklotomiske spor. In Norwegian, talk at the topology symposium in Trondhjem, November 10th, 2000

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