Former students at UiB

Andrea Tenti (master), Higher Hochschild homology is not a stable invariant.
spring 2016
Theo Brønstad (bachelor), Martin-Lof's type theory and locally cartesian closed categories.
spring 2017
Kristian Alfsvåg (master), Detecting atmospheric rivers using persistent homology (cosupervised).
spring 2015
Torgeir Skjøtskift (master), On the extension giving the truncated Witt vectors.
fall 2014
Anders Husebø (master), A study in univalence.
spring 2014
Torleif Veen (PhD), Detecting Periodic Elements in Higher Topological Hochschild Homology.
fall 2013
Sara Scaramuccia (master), A construction of the big and the universal Witt functors from their representing point of view.
fall 2013
Kristoffer Føllesdal (master), Ind spaces.
fall 2013
Kristian Alfsvåg (bachelor), Symmetrier på sfærer og gruppekohomologi.
spring 2013
Laura Faresin (bachelor), A construction of the real projective line from the integers.
spring 2013
Jonas Tungodden (bachelor), Almost quadratic functions.
spring 2013
Anders Husebø (bachelor), Whitehead torsion.
spring 2012
Torgeir Skjøtskift (bachelor), Topologisk K-teori.
spring 2012
Martin Stolz (PhD), Equivariant Structure on Smash Powers of Commutative Ring Spectra.
spring 2011
Torleif Veen (master), On determinants for commutative rig-categories.
spring 2009
Alexander Lundervold (master), Higher order cyclic homology for rational algebras.
spring 2007

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