Jon Eivind Vatne

Position:  Ass. Professor (temp).
Area of Research Algebra and Algebraic Geometry 
Address: Matematisk Institutt, University of Bergen
J. Bruns gt 12, 5008 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +47 90 20 31 17 (Mobile)
Fax: +47 55 58 96 72


Algebraic Geometry: My main area of research is the field of multiple structures on projective varieties. A more detailed account of this can be found here. Otherwise I'm interested in the BGG correspondence, especially in understanding which sheaves correspond to some simple class of objects over the exterior algebra. More generally I'm interested in a wider range of problems in algebra and geometry, including non-commutative geometry and the theory of D-modules. Recently, I have also worked on algebraic operads, and given a series of lectures on this topic; see my operads page..

My education and scientific work in short:

I have studied at the University of Bergen, both for my Cand.Scient. ( equivalent to a Master's degree) and my doctorate.  Throughout, I have been living in Bergen.  After I defended my doctorate thesis in the spring term 2002, I spent the autumn term at Stockholm university. From the spring of 2003 and onwards, I've been a Post.Doc. with scholarship from the Norwegian Research Council. From November 2003-June 2004 I participated at the Noncommutative Geometry Year at the Institut Mittag-Leffler.  For a detailed list, see my CV:

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