August 13, 2016
The run leg starts with an easy 
2 km on flat surface from Vassbygdi, before the final part takes you through arguably the most beautiful one-day hike in Norway. 
Around 19 km of dramatic and breathtaking scenery brings you to the final destination Østerbø, at 900 meters above sea level. Total elevation for the entire day: 4200 meters...
The 1900 meters long swim leg will start at the public “Laguna beach” in Aurland and follow the shore along the famous Aurlandsfjorden. The water temperature is expected to be around 9-17°, and neoprene wetsuits are mandatory. You will be safely accompanied by kayaks and boats.
The 98 km bike leg is extremely hard with a total elevation of more than 3050 meters. Starting in village of Aurland, you immediately start the steep climb towards the top at 1320 meters above sea level. Then, after the steep drop down to the fjord at the village of Erdal, you turn around, and must once again tackle the steep and long hills back to Aurland. This famous and narrow mountain route offers unparalleled views of some of the most spectacular fjord landscapes in the world.

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