After 8 successful years, Bergen Triathlon Club (BTC) has decided not to arrange AXTRI in 2018. “There are several reasons why we now want to take a gap year,” says race director Børge Sivertsen.


“We have always had excellent and close collaboration with the local community in Aurland, both the sports club, the Red Cross and other important partners. Everyone involved in organizing AXTRI has been very pleased with how this unique event has evolved since the first test race in 2010. At the same time, it is challenging to organize such a large annual event which rests on the shoulders of a few key and local individuals”, says Sivertsen.


New from 2018 is also that stricter national regulations are introduced for organizers of cycling and triathlon events in Norway. All race officials and crew must now pass course certifications, which will both be resource-intensive, and particularly challenging for small communities, such as Aurland.


Furthermore, in 2017 AXTRI experienced a decline in interest in the event for the first time. While this decrease in number of participants reflects a clear national trend in similar sporting events in general, AXTRI does not wish to contribute to overexposure of triathlon races. Having said that, BTC truly believes that AXTRI is very special and that there is certainly room for such a type of event also in the future.


"We have had 8 wonderful years and received exclusively positive feedback from our participants. We will call 2018 a gap year, and emphasize that our aim –  given sufficient interest from both participants and organizers – is to revisit the amazing area of Aurland for yet another AXTRI in 2019,” concludes Børge Sivertsen.



October 20, 2017



1. Mari Langseth 07:36:47 (new course record)

2. Silje W. Dahlsrud 08:01:56

3. Caroline Ertsås Christie 08:22:08


1. Tor-Aanen Kallekleiv 6:32:33

2. Lorentz Erland Linde 6:47:29

3. Stian Sandtorv 6:56:36

August 15, 2017


Many have requested that we post this year's AXTRI movie, screened at the pre-race meeting.
Well - here it is, updated with a few shots from the 2017 race! Enjoy :)

August 17, 2017


On June 1st, Frode and Børge from the AXTRI Crew once again headed to Aurland, the very day the mountain open after winter. New in 2017: more snow on the mountain, significantly improved surface on the bike decents (!), and a new look in Aurlandsdalen.... Have a look at these drone shots and make sure you are well prepared for August 12...
"Anna from the North - Oslo"

June 2, 2017

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