Welcome to SALLY

-a sound analysing program

In this program a sound file is read by the program. The program will then display a menu. Through this menu SALLY offers a read out of the file, a frequency plot of the signal and can also decide if the signal being read is speech, song or whistle. There was alto intended a 4th option where the program would decide if the signal being analysed was a male or female.

Due to ROOT malfunction and the ROOT support system failing I did not get to finish my program, and when i try to run it I only get errors which make no sense.Therefore I have no output to post on this web page. My intention was to create my own frequency plots and compare them to the ones I got using LabView, and thus test how good my program worked compared to already existing programs.

The first thing I did was to Fouriertransform a signal using LabView in order to have a file for my program to read. I wanted to make my own file and not just find something on line and since I have never done much of Fouriertranformation in the past i did not want to attempt it in C++.

You can find the Block Diagram of my LabView programming here.

My program consists of three files. One header file, which declares the class SoundFiles and the variables and functions used in it, a cpp file which define how the different functions and Constructors work and at last a file containing the main program.

For the headerfile click here.

For the cpp file click here.

For the main program click here.