Bjørnar Tessem

  dr. scient.,    
  Professor in Information Science    

Main Research Interests

  • Software Engineering Methodology. In particular to study how software engineers and other participants in software projects cooperate to produce high quality software. The influence of agile methodologies has become more and more influental, and research is needed to investigate the potential of agile methods. Qualitative empirical studies of real world software businesses is an important tool to understand these processes, and may point to ways to organize software development work and development of useful tools for the purpose.
  • Artificial intelligence. In particular applications of case-based reasoning and analogical reasoning, for instance in software engineering. In addition probabilistic and fuzzy methods, as well as agent based systems.
  • To use information technology to support education in software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Current Projects

  • PAILab - Programming and Artificial Intelligence Lab.
  • Norwegian political speeches - A multimedia web application for presentation of Norwegian political speeches from 1814 up till today.

Other Interests

  • On the understanding of mind, intelligence and creativity from biological, psychological and philosophical viewpoints.

Teaching responsibilities


I am also


Previous tasks

  • Chairing the Eighth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2003
  • Working as a consultant in programming and software engineering in EDB Business Partner 2000-2001

Publications list
University of Bergen,
Department of Information Science and Media Studies,
N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
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