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The System Dynamics Group focuses on model based analysis and policy design. Our key application areas are development planning, renewable resources management and pedagogy. However, the methods are applied in almost all areas of research and planning. System Dynamics methods are used to guide information search, to formulate models, perform analysis, and to facilitate learning and policy implementation. The method helps solve complex issues within disciplines and it provides a unifying language that stimulates and facilitates interdisciplinary work and education.

Address: Department of Geography, Fosswinkelsgate 6, N-5007 Bergen, Norway.

NEWS: A new European Master Program in System Dynamics is established in cooperation with the universities of Lund, Palermo, and Radboud. Prof. Erling Moxnes has become president of the System Dynamics Society. David Wheat has been promoted to associate professor.

What is System Dynamics?

Here you get a quick introduction to System Dynamics, and here is a link to the System Dynamics Society.

Here you see what earlier students say about their study of System Dynamics at the University of Bergen

Courses offered in Bergen (all in English)

An overview of all courses offered by the System Dynamics Group in Bergen can be seen here here.

Further information in information meetings before each semester.

Undergraduate education

There is no complete bachelor program in System Dynamics. At the undergraduate level, our courses provide insight into a method that help students better understand complex dynamic issues within their own fields, be they in social or natural sciences. These classes also serve as a stepping stone to the System Dynamics Master program. With required qualifications, undergraduates could also take 300-level courses such as experimental methods and development planning.

International Master Program in System Dynamics

The System Dynamics Group offers an international Master degree in System Dynamics. The basic ingredients are seven classes during the first year and a thesis during the second year. To apply see here.

Ph.D. in System Dynamics

The program also offers a Ph.D. Contact one of the professors if you are interested. For details about the doctoral program at the faculty of social sciences click here.

International and with varied backgrounds

The program has students from four different continents, some of them funded by the Norwegian quota program. The group has agreements with many universities in Europe and in developing countries, from which we receive and to which we send students on a regular basis. Students with different backgrounds and experiences contribute to a very interesting and stimulating learning environment. The faculty participate in several international research networks.


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Pål I. Davidsen, professor, Past President of the System Dynamics Society

Erling Moxnes, professor, President of the System Dynamics Society

I. David Wheat, associate professor, past President Economics Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

Stephen Alessi, adjunct professor

Birgit Kopainsky, PhD, Researcher

Ann van Ackere, Professor, Visiting Scholar



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