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Bernard Herrmann
An Annotated Index of Materials

This index of materials is an effort to compile sources dealing with Bernard Herrmann. A problem that exists when trying to research Herrmann is that most sources are written by film scholars and researchers. Their works focus more on highlighting his career or listing compositions than providing any theoretical analyses of the music itself. The focus of this index is the existence of the musical sources that so many of the authors listed above omit. This work is therefore geared toward the music researcher or scholar. It is meant to streamline the process of finding sources for the musical analysis and interpretation of Herrmann's works.

The index is organized according to the following order: a complete list of Herrmann's musical works, a list of books and articles, catalogs and reference sources, documentaries, Internet resources, a current discography, and scores. Each section contains additional information on its organization or sources.

Bernard Herrmann: An Annotated Index of Materials
(PDF: 109 kb / 31 pages)

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