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Bernard Herrmann
A Celebration of His Life and Music

"The most comprehensive account of a composer
I have ever heard presented in such form"

This is how author, producer and film music historian Tony Thomas describes the 1988 radio documentary on Bernard Herrmann. Running two-and-a-half hours and containing a well of music and interviews this is a hard match to follow.

The documentary was produced for KIOS-FM by Bruce Crawford and Bob Coate in June-December, 1988, and has since become a milestone in the works presenting the now famous composer (along with Steven C. Smith’s biography and Joshua Waletzky’s film documentary). Given the long running time, the documentary is able to follow Herrmann’s complete career from CBS radio to Taxi Driver.

This presentation contains an interview with producer Bruce Crawford, as well as audio clips of some of the interviews and other segments featured in the radio documentary.

Interview with Producer Bruce Crawford

Program Outline

Audio Excerpts

Praise for the Program

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