Stocks, sequels and remakes
Reuse of Herrmann's music
with discography


R Seems Radio is Here to Stay (c. November 6) 1945
ref: JD-B


R "Hollywood Startime" 1946

episodes: Episode:
  • Hangover Square (used score from film)
ref: JD-B


T "Suspense" (CBS TV-series; Mar. 1949 - Sept. 1964) 1949
stock theme

note: This TV-series used Herrmann's theme from the original radio series

pic.: Title frames

ref.: Suspense (radio series), 1942
ref: RF


R "Mystery Theatre" (Armed Forces Radio and Television Services; 1950's) 1950

note: A Herrmann stock cue was used as the theme for this program which rebroadcast older mystery radio shows.
ref: JD-B


F The Fiend Who Walked the West (Gordon Douglas; Fox) 1958

note: Music by Leon Klatzkin
note: Reused some of Herrmann's 20th Century/Fox stock music

R "Have Gun - Will Travel" (CBS radio series; 1958 - 1960) 1958

note: Used Herrmann's theme from the TV series and cues from the CBS music library.
ref.: Have Gun Will Travel (TV series), 1957
ref: JD-B


T "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (TV-series; Sept. 1964 - Sept. 1968) 1964

note: Several episodes used Herrmann 20th Century/Fox stock cues

episodes: Episodes:
The Cave of the Dead ; and more
ref: JD-B / RF


T "Lost in Space" (TV series; Sept. 1965 - Sept. 1968) 1965

episodes: Episodes:
  • No Place to Hide
    90-minute pilot (never shown), was tracked with stock music from Beneath the 12 Mile Reef, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Garden of Evil
  • War of the Robots
    used music from The Day the Earth Stood Still

note: Other composers: John Williams, Alexander Courage, Joseph Mullendore


T "The Time Tunnel" (Irwin Allen; TV-series; Sept. 1966 - Sept. 1967) 1966

note: Several episodes used Herrmann 20th Century/Fox stock cues (including outtakes) from Garden of Evil, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

episodes: Episodes:
The Kidnappers ; Chase Through Time ; Visitors from Beyond the Stars ; more
ref: JD-B / RF


F Obsessions (Wim Verstappen (or Pim de la Parra)) 1969

note: Uses Herrmann CBS stock music (suggested by Herrmann himself)


F It's Alive 2 (Larry Cohen) 1978
aka: It Lives Again

note: Additional music by Laurie Johnson
ref.: It's Alive, 1974
ref: GB-B

It's Alive 2 (1978, OST)
(36:04) Laurie Johnson [1978-1990 LP/CD]


F Chambre 666 (Wim Wenders) 1982

note: ?
ref: IMDB


F Psycho II (Richard Franklin) 1983

note: Additional music by Jerry Goldsmith
ref.: Psycho, 1960
ref: BHWP


T Moonlighting (Will Mackenzie; TV-series (somedy/suspense); 1985-1989) 1985

note: "The Giant Bird" from Mysterious Island was rerecorded for one episode
note: Many of the scores by Alf Clausen are obvious homages to Herrmann (Vertigo, Sisters, Obsession)
ref: JD-B


F Psycho IV (Mike Garris) 1990

note: Parts of the 1960 score adapted by Graeme Revill
ref.: Psycho, 1960


F Cape Fear (Martin Scorsese; remake) 1991

note: Arranged and conducted by Elmer Bernstein
ref.: Cape Fear, 1961
ref: BHWP

Cape Fear (1991) (1991, OST)
Elmer Bernstein (adapted [1991 CD]

F Europa (Lars von Trier) 1991
aka: Zentropa

note: The Main Title from Vertigo was reorchestrated with an added chorus.
ref.: Vertigo, 1958
ref: AA

Europa (1991, OST)
Joachim Holbek [1991 CD]


F Kika (Pedro Almodovar) 1993

note: Uses music from Psycho
ref: IMDB


F Reality Bites (Ben Stiller) 1994

note: Uses music from Psycho
ref: IMDB


F Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam) 1995

note: Uses music from the Paul Bateman recording of Vertigo (available on Silva CD)
note: Other music by Paul Buckmaster and a song by Tow Waits
ref: GK


R "CBS Radio Mystery Theatre" (CBS; 1970's)

note: Reused music from the CBS Music Library.
ref: JD-B

F Waterpower (Gerard Damiano) ????

note: Uses music from Sisters (OST) in the opening. Bernard Herrmann is not credited
ref: MB

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