Concert music
Concert music including film score treatments and television operas


P The Forest (January) 1929
a tone poem for large orchestra

P The Dancing Faun (April-September) 1929
song for medium voice and small chamber orchestra

P The Bells (April-September) 1929
song for medium voice and small chamber orchestra

P Twilight (May) 1929
pastoral for violin and piano

P November Dusk (October-December) 1929
a tone poem for large orchestra
aka: Late Autum

P Tempest and Storm: Furies Shrieking! (November) 1929
for piano

P Requiescat (November) 1929
short piece for voice and piano


P Aria for Flute and Harp (May) 1932

P Marche Militaire (September) 1932
ballet music

note: A part of the Broadway musical Americana Revue
note: The ballet was titled A la Marche Militaire
ref: BK


P Aubade (July 31) 1933
for 14 instruments

note: Reworked as Silent Noon in 1975
ref.: Silent Noon, 1975

P Orchestral variation on Deep River 1933

P Orchestral variation on Water Boy 1933

P Prelude to Anathema 1933
for 15 instruments


P The Body Beautiful 1935

P Cynara (before June; CBS) 1935
melodram for narrator and orchestra

note: The text is by Ernest Dawson from his poem Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae
note: Cynara is the subtitle which Herrmann chose to make the single title of his work
note: Originally broadcasted on the In the Modern Manner show, narrated by David Ross
ref: BK

P Nocturne and Scherzo (September) 1935

note: Premiered on October 1936 on radio with Howard Barlow conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra.
ref: SCS-B / BK

P Sinfonietta for Strings 1935

P Currier and Ives Suite 1935


P Violin Concerto (not completed) 1937


P Moby Dick (Feb 1937 - Aug 1938) 1938
cantata for male chorus, soloists, and orchestra


P Johnny Appleseed (not completed) 1940
a cantata

P Fiddle Concerto (no score survives) 1940


P Symphony (October 1939 - March 1941) 1941


P The Fantasticks (March) 1942

f The Devil and Daniel Webster (completed July 10) 1942
suite for orchestra

note: This is a suite of the music from the film All That Money Can Buy
ref.: All That Money Can Buy (film), 1941


f Welles Raises Kane (March) 1943

note: This is a suite of music from Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons
ref.: Citizen Kane (film), 1941
ref.: The Magnificent Ambersons (film), 1942

P For the Fallen (November 6) 1943
a berceuse


P Wuthering Heights (April 1943 - June 1951) 1951
an opera


t A Christmas Carol (CBS) 1954
an hour-long TV opera

note: Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson.
note: Shown on Chrysler Shower of Stars, December 24, 1954.

pic.: "On This Darkest Day of Winter"
pic.: Title frame
pic.: Music credit
pic.: Marley's ghost


t A Child Is Born (presented on G.E.Theater) 1955
an half-hour TV opera


P Echoes 1965
string quartet

note: Performed as the ballet Ante Room in 1971


P Souvenirs de voyage 1967
clarinet quintet


P The King of Schnorrers 1968
a musical comedy

note: Lyrics by Diane Lampert, libretto by Shimon Wencelberg


P Silent Noon (September 14; revision of Aubade 1933) 1975
an idyll

ref.: Aubade, 1933

P Organ Symphony (only sketches) 1975
"after Four Visions by John Martin"

The music of Bernard Herrmann

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