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F Citizen Kane (Orson Welles; summer 1940; RKO; [AAN]) 1941

pic.: Poster: "It's Terrific" (big)
pic.: Poster: "Everybody's Talking About It!" (big)
pic.: Herrmann and Welles on the set
pic.: "Snow ball"
pic.: The election

F All That Money Can Buy (William Dieterle; July; RKO; [AA]) 1941
aka: The Devil and Daniel Webster

ref.: The Devil and Daniel Webster (suite), 1942

pic.: The devil


F The Magnificent Ambersons (Orson Welles; January-February; RKO) 1942

note: Herrmann refused to be credited
note: Additional music for recut version by Roy Webb
ref.: Welles Raises Kane (suite), 1943

f The Devil and Daniel Webster (completed July 10) 1942
suite for orchestra

note: This is a suite of the music from the film All That Money Can Buy
ref.: All That Money Can Buy (film), 1941


f Welles Raises Kane (March) 1943

note: This is a suite of music from Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons
ref.: Citizen Kane (film), 1941
ref.: The Magnificent Ambersons (film), 1942

F Jane Eyre (Robert Stevenson; July-August; Fox) 1943

pic.: Title frame
pic.: First meeting


F Hangover Square (John Brahm; July-December 1944; Fox) 1944


F Anna and the King of Siam (John Cromwell; February-April; Fox; [AAN]) 1946

pic.: Poster


F The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Joseph L. Mankiewicz; January-April; Fox) 1947


F Portrait of Jennie (William Dieterle; Selznick) 1948

note: Herrmann composed Jennie's theme only; the remainder of the score was adapted from Debussy by Dimitri Tiomkin
note: No existing score


F On Dangerous Ground (Nicholas Ray; November-December 1950; RKO) 1950


F The Day the Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise; June-July; Fox) 1951

pic.: Poster, landscape
pic.: Poster, portrait


F Five Fingers (Joseph L. Mankiewicz; October-December 1951; Fox) 1952

F The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Henry King; May-June; Fox) 1952


F White Witch Doctor (Henry Hathaway; February-March; Fox) 1953

F Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef (Robert D. Webb; July-August; Fox; stereo) 1953

F King of the Khyber Rifles (Henry King; October-November; Fox; stereo) 1953


F The Egyptian (Michael Curtiz; May-June; Fox; stereo) 1954

note: Composed in collaboration with Alfred Newman

F Garden of Evil (Henry Hathaway; March-April; Fox; stereo) 1954

F Prince of Players (Philip Dunne; November; Fox; stereo) 1954


F The Trouble with Harry (Alfred Hitchcock; December 1954 - January 1955; Paramount) 1955

pic.: Poster
pic.: Music credits
pic.: Harry without shoes

F The Kentuckian (Burt Lancaster; Paramount) 1955


F The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred Hitchcock; Paramount) 1956

note: Herrmann appears as the conductor in the Albert Hall sequence; score lost

pic.: Herrmann and Hitchcock on the set of The Man Who Knew Too Much
pic.: Poster
pic.: Poster: "Bernard Herrmann conducting the Storm Cloud Cantata"
pic.: The message
pic.: Conducting (Albert Hall sequence) #1
pic.: Conducting #2
pic.: Conducting #3
pic.: Conducting #4 (b/w)
pic.: Music credits

F The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Nunnally Johnson; February; Fox; stereo) 1956

pic.: Poster

F The Wrong Man (Alfred Hitchcock; September-October; Warner) 1956

pic.: Poster

F Williamsburg - The Story of a Patriot (George Seaton; November; Paramount documentary) 1956


F A Hatful of Rain (Fred Zinnemann; March-April; Fox) 1957


F Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock; January-Fabruary; Paramount) 1958

pic.: Poster #1
pic.: Poster #2
pic.: Music credit
pic.: Cliffhanger
pic.: Stuart & Novak
pic.: The ocean
pic.: The stairs

F The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (Nathan Juran; May-June; Columbia) 1958

pic.: Poster

F The Naked and the Dead (Raoul Walsh; March-April; RKO) 1958


F Journey to the Center of the Earth (Henry Levin; September-November; Fox; stereo) 1959

F North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock; January-March; MGM) 1959

note: The soundtrack was originally recorded in stereo

pic.: Poster
pic.: Title
pic.: Music credit
pic.: Hitchcock missing the bus
pic.: Crop duster sequence

F Blue Denim (Philip Dunne; May-June; Fox; stereo) 1959

F The Three Worlds of Gulliver (Jack Sher; Columbia) 1959

pic.: Poster


F Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock; February-March; Paramount) 1960

ref.: Psycho II, 1983 (stocks & sequels)
ref.: Psycho IV, 1990 (stocks & sequels)

pic.: Poster
pic.: The drive
pic.: Home


F Tender Is the Night (Henry King; late 1961; Fox; stereo) 1961

F Mysterious Island (Cy Endfield; January-February; Columbia) 1961

pic.: Poster
pic.: Ad

F Cape Fear (J. Lee Thompson; August-December; Universal) 1961

ref.: Cape Fear, 1991 (stocks & sequels)

pic.: Poster
pic.: Robert Mitchum


F The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock; July-December 1962; Universal) 1963

note: Herrmann was credited as sound consultant (the film had no music)

F Jason and the Argonauts (Don Chaffey; June-August 1962; Columbia) 1963

pic.: Poster
pic.: Ad


F Marnie (Alfred Hitchcock; Universal) 1964

pic.: Poster
pic.: Ad

F Joy in the Morning (Alex Segal; MGM) 1964


F Fahrenheit 451 (Francois Truffaut; May-June; Universal) 1966

pic.: Poster (b/w)

F Torn Curtain (for Alfred Hitchcock's film; January-March) 1966

note: The score was rejected
note: See also: Interview with Norman Lloyd

pic.: Poster


F La Mariee etait en noir (Francois Truffaut; September-October; Lopert) 1967
aka: The Bride Wore Black

pic.: Poster: "The Bride Wore Black"
pic.: Poster: "La Mariee etait en noir


F Twisted Nerve (Roy Boulting; Rank) 1968


F The Battle of Neretva (Veljko Bilajic; AIP) 1969


F The Road Builder (Alastair Reid; January; MGM) 1971
aka: The Night Digger

pic.: Title
pic.: Music credit

F Endless Night (Sidney Gilliat; October-November; Rank) 1971


F Sisters (Brian de Palma; May-June; AIP) 1972
aka: Blood Sisters


F It's Alive (Larry Cohen; November-December 1973; Warner) 1974

ref.: It's Alive 2, 1978 (stocks & sequels)

pic.: Ad


F Obsession (Brian de Palma; June-July; Columbia) 1975

F Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese; October-December; Columbia) 1975

pic.: Poster #1
pic.: Poster #2
pic.: Dedication

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