Television music


t A Christmas Carol (CBS) 1954
an hour-long TV opera

note: Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson.
note: Shown on Chrysler Shower of Stars, December 24, 1954.

pic.: "On This Darkest Day of Winter"
pic.: Title frame
pic.: Music credit
pic.: Marley's ghost


t A Child Is Born (presented on G.E.Theater) 1955
an half-hour TV opera


T The Ethan Allen Story (CBS TV-pilot) 1956
theme and score

note: When the pilot 'failed', the music became part of the CBS music library and was later used in the Have Gun, Will Travel TV series.

T Western Suite (CBS cue music) 1956

T Western Saga (CBS cue music) 1956

T The Desert Suite (CBS cue music) 1956

T "Gunsmoke" (CBS TV series (western); Sept. 1955 - Sept. 1975) 1956
original scores

episodes: Episodes:
  • Harriet (1960)
  • The Tall Trapper
  • Kitty Shot

note: Other composers: Franz Waxman

T "Studio One" (TV series; Nov. 1948 - Sept. 1958) 1956

note: Herrmann's involvement with this series started in 1956.
note: The series later changed name to Westinghouse Studio One
note: Other composers: Jerry Goldsmith

pic.: Title frame


T The Outer Space Suite (CBS cue music) 1957

T The Indian Suite (CBS cue music) 1957

T "Have Gun - Will Travel" (CBS TV series (western); Sept. 1957 - Sept. 1963) 1957
theme and original score

episodes: Episode (original score):
  • Three Bells to Perdido (pilot)

episodes: Episodes using Herrmann stock music:
The Strange Vendetta ; A Matter of Ethics ; The Great Mojave Chase ; The Outlaw ; The Englishman ; No Visitors ; McNally's Folly ; Show of Force ; and more

note: Other composers: Jerry Goldsmith
ref.: Have Gun Will Travel (radio series), 1958 (stocks & sequels)

T "Perry Mason" (TV-series; Sept. 1957 - 1966) 1957
original and stock scores
ref: JD-B / RF


T "Pursuit" (TV-series; Oct. 1958 - Jan. 1959) 1958
theme and score


T "Rawhide" (CBS TV series; Jan. 1959 - Jan. 1966) 1959
original and stock scores

episodes: Episodes (original scores):
  • Pursuit (1965)
  • possibly more

episodes: Episodes using Herrmann stock music:
Incident of the Coyote Weed (1959) ; Incident of the Cubasco (1959) ; Incident of the Curios Street (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Judas Trap (1959; cues) ; Incident at Dangerfield Dip (1959; cues) ; Incident at Jacob's Well (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Valley in Shadow (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Haunted Hills (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Tinker's Dam (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Sharpshooter (1959; cues) ; Incident at Sulphur Creek (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Stargazer (1959; cues) ; Incident of the Day of the Dead (1959; cues) ; Incident of the 100 Amulets (1959) ; Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse (1959) ; Incident of the Portrait (1962) ; Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom (1962; cues) ; Incident at Sugar Creek (1962; cues) ; Incident of the Querencias (1962; cues) ; Incident of the Murder Steer (1962) ; Incident of the Night Visitor (1962; cues) ; Incident on the Top of the World (1962; cues) ; Incident of the Running Iron (1962; cues) ; Incident of the Gallows Tree (1962; cues) ; Incident of the Comanchero (1963; cues) ; Incident of the Clown (1963; cues) ; Incident of the White Eyes (1963; cues) ; Incident of the Travelin Man (1963; cues) ; Brush War at Buford (1965) ; Incident at Barker Springs (cues) ; Incident of the Golden Calf (cues)

note: Other composers: Fred Steiner, Leith Stevens, Jerry Goldsmith, Leon Klatzkin, Nathan Scott, Billy May
ref: RF

T "The Twilight Zone" (Rod Serling; CBS TV series; Oct. 1959 - Sept. 1965) 1959
original theme and scores

episodes: Episodes (original scores):
  • Where Is Everybody? (October 2, 1959; pilot)
  • Walking Distance (October 30, 1959)
  • The Lonely (November 13, 1959)
  • The Eye of the Beholder (November 11, 1960)
  • Little Girl Lost (March 16, 1962)
  • Living Doll (November 1, 1963)
  • Ninety Years Without Slumbering (December 20, 1963)

note: Herrmann also composed the original main and end title themes, and several alternate main and end title themes

episodes: Episodes using Herrmann stock music:
Mr. Denton on Doomsday ; One for the Angels ; Judgement Night ; I Shot an Arrow ; The Hitchhiker ; The Last Flight ; Third from the Sun ; A World of His Own ; Mirror Image ; A Nice Place to Visit ; The After Hours ; The Howling Man ; The Lateness of the Hour ; Nick of Time ; The Mind and the Matter ; It's a Good Life ; Nothing in the Dark ; The Rip Van Winkle Caper ; The Fugitive ; The Trade-ins ; Nightmare at 20,000 Feet ; Last Night of a Jockey ; The Old Man in the Cave ; Night Call ; The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms ; Number 12 Looks Just Like You ; On Thursday We Leave For Home ; Queen of the Nile ((one cue)) ; I Am the Night - Color Me Black ; The Bewitchin' Pool

note: Other composers: Jerry Goldsmith, Franz Waxman

pic.: "Where Is Everybody?"
pic.: "Walking Distance"
pic.: "The Lonely"
pic.: "The Eye of the Beholder"
pic.: "Little Girl Lost"
pic.: "Living Doll"

T "The House on K Street" (pilot for TV-series) 1959
original theme and score

episodes: The title of the pilot episode was:
  • Hammer Fist
ref: GK / JD-B


T "The Virginian" (TV series; Sept. 1962 - Sept. 1971) 1962
original score

episodes: Episode:
  • The Last Grave at Socorro Creek
  • possibly more

note: Other composers: Franz Waxman, John Williams


T "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (Universal-MCA TV series; Oct. 1962 - May 1965) 1963
original scores

episodes: Episodes (original scores), second season (Oct. 1963 - June 1964):
  • A Home Away from Home
  • Terror at Northfield
  • You'll Be the Death of Me
  • Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale
  • The Jar
  • Behind the Locked Door
  • Body in the Barn

episodes: Episodes (original scores), third season (Oct. 1964 - May 1965)
  • Change of Address
  • Water's Edge
  • The Life Work of Juan Diaz
  • The McGregor Affair
  • Misadventure
  • Consider Her Ways
  • Where the Woodbine Twineth
  • An Unlocked Window
  • Wally the Beard
  • Death Scene

note: Herrmann also arranged the opening and closing theme for 2nd and 3rd seasons

episodes: Episodes using Herrmann stock music:
The Cadaver (2nd season) ; Beyond the Sea of Death ; Night Caller ; Anyone for Murder? ; The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow ; Bed of Roses ; Isabel ; Return of Verge Likens (3rd season) ; Final Performance ; The Trap ; The Photographer and the Undertaker ; Thou Still Unravished Bride ; Completely Foolproof ; Power of Attorney ; Second Wife ; Night Fever ; Off Season

note: See also:
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: an introcution
Interview with Norman Lloyd

pic.: Title
pic.: Music credit

ref: TD

T "The Chrysler Theater" (TV series; Sept. 1963 - Sept. 1967) 1963

episodes: Episodes (original or stock):
  • Escape into Jeopardy
  • The War of Erick Kurtz
  • Blind Man's Bluff
  • Nightmare
  • The Fatale Mistake
  • The Safe House

note: Other composers: Jerry Goldsmith

T "The Great Adventure" (CBS TV series; Sept. 1963 - April 1965) 1963
original scores

episodes: Episodes:
  • The Secret
  • Nathan Hale (Moment of Crisis)
ref: JD-B / RF / CBS-L

T "Kraft Suspense Theatre" (TV series; Oct. 1963 - Sept. 1965) 1963

episodes: Episode:
  • A Lion Amongst Men

note: Other composers: Franz Waxman, John Williams


T "Convoy" (TV-series (war); Sept. 1965 - Dec. 1965) 1965
theme and scores
ref: IMDB


T "Cimarron Strip" (CBS western TV-series; Sept. 1967 - Sept. 1971) 1967
original score

episodes: Episode (original score):
  • Knife in the Darkness

episodes: Episode using Herrmann stock music:
The Deputy
ref: JD-B / RF


T Companions in Nightmare (Norman Lloyd; Universal-MCA TV movie) 1968


T "Collector's Item" (pilot for TV-series) ????
original theme and score

note: This music became part of the CBS music library and was used as stock music for other TV series.
ref: JD-B / RF

T "Landmark" (proposed documentary TV-series) ????
original theme and cues
ref: JD-B

T Various music for television ????

note: The following list of TV-series and shows have Herrmann music. Whether it's original or stock is not known.
The Americans (1961; action/civil-war)
CBS Fanfare
Climax (Oct. 1954 - June 1958)
Forecast (theme and score)
The Line Up (Oct. 1954 - Jan. 1960)
Playhouse 90 (Oct. 1956 - Sept. 1961)
Police Force
Westinghouse (theme; Oct. 1958 - Jan. 1960)
ref: JD-B / RF

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