The music of Bernard Herrmann

The object of this music section is to give a complete as possible list of all music composed by Bernard Herrmann. But please note that this is a 'work in progress' which by no means is finished. Especially is this true for concert works before the mid-30's, radio, and stock cues for television. However, we believe that this is the most complete and correct listing available.

The information has been divided into the following lists.

All music, Concert music, Radio music, Film music, Television music
These are the 5 main listings which also are available with discographies for each composition (linked to the recordings section). If you are looking for a specific work it will be alot faster to select one of the four genre listings instead of the listing of all music. All listings include title, date of composition, genre, and additional information where available. This might include thing like director and studio for filmmusic, and episode listing for radio and television series.

All music index, Film music index
These are brief indexes of title and year of composition.

Recorded music
This is similar to the all music index, but only lists music where a recording is available.

Stocks & Sequels
This is a list of films, radio and television series which use Herrmann stock music.


The reference of source for each entry is listed by an abbreviation. These are as follows.

(no reference) Steven C. Smith: A Heart at Fire's Center - The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann
BK Bob Kosovsky (New York)
PB-B Peter Bogdanovich and Orson Welles: This is Orson Welles
JD Jim Doherty's Herrmann Guide
TD Tom DeMary
RF Rusty Falk (USA)
CBS-L CBS Library
GB-B Graham Bruce: Bernard Herrmann - Film Music and Narrative
GK Guenther Koegebehn (Germany)
IMDB The Internet Movie Database
MB Michael Bitterman

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