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News 2000-09-08/1

25 years with Lasher

John Steven Lasher, director of Fifth Continent, celebrated his 25th anniversary in the music profession on 8th September.

Press Release, September 1, 2000:

JOHN STEVEN LASHER, Managing Director of Fifth Continent Australia Pty Limited,will celebrate his 25th anniversary in the music profession on 8th September,the company announced today.

Mr Lasher started his own record label, Entr'acte Recording Society, in Chicago,Illinois [USA], producing several gramophone albums featuring music by Bernard Herrmann, Max Steiner, Hugo Friedhofer, among others.

Since his migration to Australia in 1990 he has played a significant role in the promotion, recording, production and distribution of albums featuring music composed and/or performed by Australians. His recordings of the original motion picture scores from 'The Magnificent Ambersons' and 'Citizen Kane' [both Bernard Herrmann], performed by the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Tony Bremner, recieved the German Music Critics Prize in 1991 and 1992, respectively.

The CD album of the original soundtrack from 'The Quiet Earth' [John Charles], which he produced, received the APRA Award for Best Soundtrack Album in 1993. Lasher has also produced albums featuring contemporary music by the Australian composers, George Dreyfus, Dulcie Holland, Miriam Hyde and Peter Sculthorpe.

Lasher is the only producer in Australia who has worked with many of the greatest names in the Hollywood film music community, including the likes of John Barry ['Francis'], George Duning [the original 'Star Trek' TV series], Marvin Hamlisch ['Sophie's Choice'], Alex North ['Dragonslayer'], Jack Nitzsche ['The Razor's Edge'], Basil Poledouris ['The Blue Lagoon'], Lalo Schifrin ['The Four Musketeers'] and Bruce Smeaton ['Iceman'], among others.

"Unfortunately, my work in Australia has largely been ignored by an industry in which I have devoted so many years. Perhaps, this is because I do not belong to any factions or claques, do not attend launches of the latest album by some Katoomba potgrower, or hob-nob with the rich-and-famous", Lasher remarks philosophically.

"However, the bottom line is the pleasure my albums bring to those consumers who purchase them. I cite the newly remixed and remastered CD of Hugo Friedhofer's legendary 1946 score for 'The Best Years of Our Lives' (released on 28th August in Australia and the UK by Didgeridoo Music), which has already received rave reviews on several websites and publications. This pleases me no end".

In 1993 Lasher expanded his expertise in the enterainment industry to include the production of short-subject films shot in the unique three-film widescreen KINOPANORAMA [tm] format. He is presently at work on the screen story of his second film, 'The Kinopanorama Experience', which will commence principal photography later this year. John Charles has been engaged to compose the score, which will be conducted by Christopher Gordon.

This NEWSLETTER is dedicated to the memory of Jack Nitzsche, who died on Wednesday [August 30] of a heart attack at the age of 63.

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