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Welcome to the Recordings Section of the Bernard Herrmann Web Pages.

The object of this database is to list all recordings of music by Bernard Herrmann as well as all recordings conducted by Herrmann of his own and other composers' music.

We believe this is the most comprehensive and complete list available, listing all recordings and all releases of each recording, with detailed information such as conductor, orchestra, soloists, dates, locations, cues, catalogue numbers and images of the covers.

If, however, you find any information to be incomplete or incorect, we are grateful for any help you can offer. If so, please let us know.


This database consists of
indexes and details for recordings, compilations and OST links. It is also possible to search the database.

recording one or more recording sessions originally released on one album.
compilation a release of music from different recordings; a compilation of recordings. A recording of music from different films, etc. is defined as a single recording, and not as a compilation.
OST link a reference for an original soundtrack recording to releases of that recording. An OST link is created for an OST when (1) more than one version of it has been released, or (2) it has been released as part of a compilation (typically a compilation of OSTs). OSTs released in different versions (selections, cuenames, etc.) are registered as different "recordings", with a common OST link.
OST an original soundtrack recording is the actual recording of a film, television or radio score used in the original film or program.
rerecording a new recording of a film, television or radio score; not the actual OST.
radio broadcast an actual radio broadcast that has been released. This includes dialogue and sound effects; just like the original broadcasts.
bootleg an illegal release of a recording where the copyright holders (and musicians, conductors) are not payed. Also called a private release.

78 78 rpm record; 12" predecessor to LPs.
Long Play record; 12" (or 10") vinyl record.
Reel Open reel or reel-to-reel tape.
MC Music cassette or audio tape (also known as compact cassette).
Compact Disc; 5" digital record.
LD LaserDisc or videodisc; 12" digital audio / analog video recording media (currently the best video quality for consumers).
CD-ROM 5" digital media for general storage of data (also audio and video).


An index is a selected list of recordings, compilations and OST links. For each entry in the index there is a link to the
details for that entry.

The detail of information in the index itself varies from type of index. The main indexes include the following information: title, year of recording/release, conductor, orchestra, music, and releases (label, media, and year).

example of recording

[Rec.] A Non-Existing Recording, vol.2 (1973)
John Johnson, Joe's Orchestra
MUSIC: Citizen Kane (14:32), Psycho (8:12), Aubade (5:43)
RELEASES: London (LP, 1974) * Varese-Sarabande (CD, 1995)
COMPILATION: Varese-Sarabande (CD The Non-Existing Recordings, 1989, all)


[Rec.] Title of recording (year)
Conductor, Orchestra
MUSIC: Music title 1 (min:sec), Music title 2 (min:sec), Music title 3 (min:sec)
RELEASES: Label 1 (LP/CD, year) * Label 2 (LP/CD, year)
COMPILATION: Label 3 (LP/CD Title of compilation, year, all/excerpt)

Clicking on the title brings you to the details for the recording. Click on the preceding icon (disc) to get the details without cover images. For compilation releases of a recording, click on the compilation title to get the details for the compilation. For the main indexes, the actual listing of compilations (compilations of several recordings) is at the bottom.

The five main indexes are

all recordings
all recordings of music composed by Herrmann. Includes both original soundtracks and album recordings. Releases of radio broadcasts are not included. This index is sorted by title.

original soundtrack recordings
original soundtrack recordings (for film, television and radio) that has been commercially released. This index does not include radio broadcasts. Sorted by year of recording.

album recordings
this is actually all recordings of music composed by Herrmann except original soundtrack recordings and radio broadcasts. This includes rerecordings of film, radio and television scores, as well as live-recordings and recordings of Herrmann's concert music. Sorted by year.

conducted by Bernard Herrmann
all recordings conducted by Herrmann, including recordings of music by other composers. Original soundtracks are not included. Sorted by year.

radio broadcasts
radio broadcasts with music by Herrmann that has been commercially released (contains dialogue and sound effects). Sorted by year.

Other indexes are

recorded music
list of music by Herrmann (all categories) that has been recorded.

all releases
all releases, sorted by year. This is useful for when you have the title of an album you're looking for but this is not the original title. Also available sorted by title, media/year and label/year.

quick index by title
title and year of all recordings, sorted by title.

quick index by year
title and year of all recordings, sorted by year.

Here is a list of icons used in the indexes

type of entry (preceding the title)

recording where all the music is composed by Herrmann

recording where some of the music is composed by Herrmann

recording where Herrmann is conducting music by other composers

OST link

compilation of recordings

description of entry (displayed on the right)

original film soundtrack

original television soundtrack

original radio 'soundtrack'

original radio broadcast (w/dialogue and sound effects)

OST link

conducted by Herrmann

a review or an article is available


The details for a recording show all information available, and contains up to six parts; heading, recording data, cue listing, releases, reviews and notes.

the heading
shows the original title of the recording, in addition to one or more of the following icons:

recording where the disc shows how much of it's music composed by Herrmann (similar to the icon in the indexes)


OST link

original soundtrack recording

conducted by Herrmann

a review or an article is available

the recording data
lists conductor, orchestra, soloists, location and date of the recording. It also lists the year, label, and author of liner notes for the original release. If the recording has been rereleased, '(more)' is shown after the label.

the cue listing
lists all the music titles and cues as written on the album.

example for recording

Vertigo (1958) [34:21]
  1. Vertigo Prelude and Rooftop (4:38)
  2. Madeleine and Carlotta's Portrait (3:11)

Vertigo (1958) (34:21)

Clicking on the music title, brings you to the music listings.

Timings showed inside parentheses ( ) are taken from the album cover, while timings inside square brackets [ ] are calculated from the timings given for the cues or subcues.

Side breaks for the original LP (or multidisc CDs) may also be displayed.

If the recording contains music not composed by Herrmann, this is listed in a 'with' sub-section below the cues.

For compilations, each cue or block of cues are preceded by a line naming the original recording. Click on the title (or the disc icon) of the recording, to see details.

For OST links, the cue section only shows the title of the music (film, television series).

the releases
lists the original release and all re-releases of the recording. This information include type of media (LP, CD, etc.), title and year of release, label and catalogue number, and, for compilations, a list of the cues included in this release. If a release has been issued on music cassette and is identical to an LP or CD, this is shown as MC= followed by the cassette's catalogue number.


[Rec. all]
LP: A Non-Existing Recording, vol. 2 (1974)
London PFS 8888 (Stereo)

[Rec. excerpt]
CD (1-5,7,11): The Best of the Non-Existings (1996)
Varese Sarabande VCD 9999 (ADD)
contains: music from Citizen Kane, Psycho, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Night Digger, Battle of Neretva, Sisters



The first release is a complete release of the recording on LP by London (1974).

The second release is a compilation on CD by Varese (1996) including only cues 1 to 5 and cues 7 and 11.

If available, a small image of the cover is also shown. Click on the cover to see a 'normal-sized' image. If there has only been one release of the recording, the small-sized cover is not shown, since a normal-sized image of the first release is always shown in the cue listings. Also, other images may be listed if available (a large image of the cover, the rear side of the cover, photographs, etc.).

the reviews and articles
show links to any reviews or articles available on the recording.

the notes
may include a brief note.


References to the source(s) of information are listed at the very bottom of the details pages.

The first column shows the name of the person, book or company (in abbrivated form) that supplied the information. Click on the name for more info.

The second column show weather the information has been confirmed by The Bernard Herrmann Web Pages, and weather it's part of the web pages' record archives.

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