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Compilation Conducted by Herrmann

Great Science Fiction Film Music

Bernard Herrmann

Four suites from the Decca/London recordings.

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? The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann (1973) excerpt
Bernard Herrmann, National Philharmonic Orchestra

Journey to the Center of the Earth (all)
1. Mountain Top and Sunrise
2. Prelude
3. The Grotto
4. Salt Slides
5. Atlantis
6. The Giant Chameleon and the Fight
7. The Shaft and Finale
The Day the Earth Stood Still (all)
11. Outer Space
12. Radar
13. Gort
14. The Robot
15. Space Control
16. Terror
17. Farewell and Finale
Fahrenheit 451 (all)
18. Prelude
19. Fire Engine
20. The Bedroom
21. Flowers of Fire
22. The Road and Finale

? Music from the Great Movie Thrillers (1968) excerpt
Bernard Herrmann, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Psycho (all)
1. A Narrative for Orchestra (14:27)

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LP: Great Science Fiction Film Music
London/Decca (for the Science Fiction Book Club)
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Conducted by Herrmann

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