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Hitchcock's Film Music

Bernard Herrmann, Laurie Johnson

Selections from Psycho and North by Northwest


? Psycho (1975) excerpt
Bernard Herrmann, National Philharmonic Orchestra

Psycho (excerpt)
1. Prelude (2:07)
2. The City/Marion/Marion and Sam (4:36)
3. Temptation (3:08)
4. Flight/The Patrol Car/The Car Lot/The Package/The Rainstorm (8:47)
5. Hotel Room/The Window/The Parlour (4:04)
6. The Madhouse (2:13)
7. The Peephole (3:10)
14. Finale (1:49)

? North by Northwest (1979) excerpt
Laurie Johnson, London Studio Symphony Orchestra

North by Northwest (excerpt)
1. Main Title
2. Abducting George Kaplan
3. The Elevator
4. Murder at the U.N.
13. Mt. Rushmore/Finale

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LP: Alfred Hitchcock's Film Music (1985)
Milan ACH022 (France; MC=CCH022)


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CD: The Hitchcock Films (1996)
Unicorn-Kanchana UKCD 2080


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