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Recording Conducted by Herrmann TV-OST

A Christmas Carol

Bernard Herrmann
Recorded December 24, 1954

Album cover cues

(T) A Christmas Carol (1954)
  1. Holly Pine and Mistletoe
  2. Santa Claus; Humbug
  3. Marley's Ghost
  4. The Journey into Christmas Past
  5. What Shall I Give My Lad for Christmas?
  6. A Very Merry Christmas
  7. Bless Us Everyone
  8. The Dream Ends
  9. Scrooge Rejoins the Human Race
  10. Bless Us Everyone
  11. A Happy Ending

[Rec. all]
LP: Chrysler Corporation presents Shower of Stars
CBS (9-LP, 2-volume bound set)
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
LP: A Christmas Carol (1978)
RHS-850 (Wreath cover)
with some dialogue and soundeffects
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
LP: A Christmas Carol
RHS-850 (Scrooge cover)
images: large cover



The bootlegs were issued under the fake label 'Unicorn'. This is not the British label Unicorn now known as Unicorn-Kanchana [GK].

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Conducted by Herrmann

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