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The Egyptian

Alfred Newman, The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
Doreen Tryden
Recorded 1954
Released 1954 by Decca (more)


(F) The Egyptian (1954)

Side One

  1. Prelude - The Ruins - The Red Sea and Childhood - The Nile and the Temple
    (With Mixed Chorus)
  2. Her Name Was Merit
  3. The Pharaoh; Akhnaton
    (With Mixed Chorus)
  4. Nefer, Nefer, Nefer
  5. The Lotus Pool
    (With DOREEN TRYDEN, Soloist)

Side Two

  1. The Valley of the Kings
  2. At the Tomb of Amenhotep
    (The Great Pharaoh)
  3. The Martyrdom of Merit
    (With Wonen's Chorus)
  4. The Death of Akhnaton
    (With Mixed Chorus)
  5. Horemheb, The New Pharaoh
  6. Exile and Death
    (With Mixed Chorus)

[Rec. all]
LP: The Egyptian (1954)
Decca DL 79014
images: large cover


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LP: The Egyptian (1977)
MCA 2029
images: large cover


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CD: The Egyptian (1990)
Varese Sarabande VSD-5258



This is not the original soundtrack recording used in the film, but a rerecording made by Alfred Newman the same year (the actual OST was conducted by both Herrmann and Newman).

It should also be noted that the release date for the Decca LP is probably wrong (both LPs have '1954' on their covers). The cover of the Decca LP says 'Simulated Stereo' and 'HiFi'...

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