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Recording Conducted by Herrmann

The Four Faces of Jazz

Bernard Herrmann, The London Festival Recording Ensemble
David Parkhouse, piano (on 7)
Recorded at Decca Studio No.3, West Hampstead, London, 16-18 August, 1971
Released 1973 by Decca/London (more); Liner notes by A.P. "Red" Woodlite

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Side One

Songs from The Three Penny Opera (Weill) (15:11)
  1. Mack the Knife (2:07)
  2. Instead of (2:23)
  3. The Good Life (Foxtrot) (3:03)
  4. Polly's Song (2:47)
  5. Tango (2:52)
  6. The Big Shots (Charleston) (1:52)

I Got Rhythm (Gershwin)
  1. Variations for Piano & Orchestra (10:40)

Side Two

Ragtime (Stravinsky)
  1. Ragtime (4:36)

The Creation of the World (Milhaud)
  1. The Creation of the World (17:51)

[Rec. all]
LP: The Four Faces of Jazz (1973)
Decca / London SPC 21077
images: large cover


[Rec. excerpt]
CD (?): The Four Faces of Jazz
London/Decca 421 025-2


[Rec. all]
CD (3): Gymnopedies (1989)
London/Decca 421 395-2
contains: Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud, + Gymnopedies and Ragtime


[Rec. all]
LP: The Four Faces of Jazz (1996)
Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-255
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
CD (all): Classic Jazz (1996)
London/Decca 444 785-2
contains: The Four Faces of Jazz, + Five o'clock Foxtrot


[Rec. all]
CD: The Four Faces of Jazz (1996)
Mobile Fidelity UDCD 672


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Conducted by Herrmann

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