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Music from Great Film Classics

Bernard Herrmann, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded at London, February, 1970
Released 1971 by Decca/London (more); Liner notes by Bernard Herrmann


Side One

(F) Jane Eyre (1943)
  1. Selections from the film 'Jane Eyre' (13:12)

(F) The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952) [10:52]
  1. Interlude (6:35)

Side Two

  1. The Memory Waltz (4:13)

(f) Welles Raises Kane (1943) excerpts ("music from the film 'Citizen Kane'") [13:19]
  1. Overture (2:45)
  2. Variations ('Summer-Night Serenade', a 'Sunday Promenade') (5:40)
  3. Ragtime ('Streed Scene', 'Saturday-Night Band Concert') (1:49)
  4. Finale ('Persuit and Happiness') (2:57)

(f) The Devil and Daniel Webster (suite) (1942) excerpts [4:34]
  1. Sleigh Ride (1:53)
  2. Swing Your Partners (2:37)

(F) See also Citizen Kane (1941) (Welles Raises Kane)
(F) See also The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) (Welles Raises Kane)
(F) See also All That Money Can Buy (1941) (The Devil and Daniel Webster (suite))

[Rec. all]
LP: Music from Great Film Classics (1971)
Decca / London SP 44144
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
LP: Music from Great Film Classics (1987)
Musical Heritage Society MHS 912017 (MC=MHC 312017)

[Rec. all]
CD (all): Bernard Herrmann: The Concert Suites (1989)
Master Film Music/Varese Sarabande SRS 2005/8 (ADD; 4 discs)
contains: all four 1969-1975 Decca/London recordings
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
CD (all): Citizen Kane - Movie Scores
Decca/London 417 852-2 (MC=417 852-4)
contains: Music from Great Film Classics, + Jason and the Argonauts (suite)


[Rec. all]
CD (all): Great Film Classics (1996)
London/Decca 448 948-2
contains: Music from Great Film Classics, + Mysterious Island and Jason and the Argonauts (suites)


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Conducted by Herrmann

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