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Symphony no.2 (Charles Ives)

Bernard Herrmann, London Symphony Orchestra
Recorded 4 January, 1972
Released 1972 by Decca/London (more); Liner notes by Edward Johnson


Symphony no.2 (Charles Ives)

Side One

  1. Andante Moderato
  2. Allegro

Side Two

  1. Adagio Cantabile
  2. Lento Maestoso
  3. Allegro Molto Vivace

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LP: Symphony no.2 (Charles Ives) (1972)
Decca / London SPC 21086
images: large cover, Backside of the cover


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CD: Symphony no.2 (Charles Ives)
Decca/London 433 017-2 (MC=433 017-4)

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Conducted by Herrmann

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