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Night Digger

Bernard Herrmann
Recorded 1971
Released 1994 by Label X (more)

Album cover cues

(F) The Road Builder/Night Digger (1971) - Scenario Macabre for String Orchestra [38:35]
  1. Scene One (6:04)
  2. Scene Two (3:42)
  3. Scene Three (6:40)
  4. Scene Four (4:20)
  5. Scene Five (2:46)
  6. Scene Six (8:17)
  7. Scene Seven (6:32)

[Rec. all]
LP (excerpt): The Night Digger
Cinema Records LP-8015
contains: The Night Digger OST + Currier and Ives, and For the Fallen
images: large cover


[Rec. all]
CD: Night Digger (1994)
Label-X 9175 12 2 (AAD)


[Rec. excerpt]
CD (excerpt): The Inquirer (1992)
Preamble PRCD 1789 (ADD)
contains: music from Citizen Kane, Magnificent Ambersons, The Kentuckian, Williamsburg, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Night Digger, Battle of Neretva, Sisters


[Rec. all]
CD (all): Bernard Herrmann at the Movies (1996)
Label-X ATM CD 2003
contains: Complete Battle of Neretva and Night Digger (+Sisters)


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