In addition to the recordings indexes it is now possible to search for recordings and to create your own indexes for printing, etc.

This describes how to use the new search engine to search for recordings, and how to get the results you want.

Simple search

The easiest way of searching is to just type in the text (or a substring) you're searching for in the 'Search for' box, and to select the desired field you wish to search. Fields can be All field, Title, Conductor, Orchestra & soloists, Music titles, Cue titles, and record Label.

The search engine will then look for an exact match of this text in the specified field. Differences in case (upper, lower) are ignored.

A search for Psycho in the title field will find all recordings with the word 'Psycho' in the title. A search for psycho or PSYCHO will give the same result.

A search for Psycho in the music titles field will find all recordings of music from Psycho.

A search for The Man Who Know Too Much or The Man Who Knew in the music titles field will find all recordings of music from The Man who Knew Too Much.

Music category and years

It is also possible to limit the search by specifying a music category (All music, Concert, Radio, Film or Television music) or recording year(s). Recording years can be specified either as one single year, or a period from one year to another.

Year 1996 will limit the search to recordings made in 1996.

Year 1970 to 1979 will limit to recordings made in the 1970s.

Year 1990 to * (asterisk) will limit to recordings made in 1990 or later.

Note that this is the year of recording, not release. A recording made in 1969 and released in 1996 will not appear in a search limited to 1996.

Advanced search

A more advanced way to search is to include switches or field names in the search text, and to specify more than one search text. A search text including one or more switches will be treated as an advanced search (not a simple search).

Note: for an advanced search, search texts containing more than one word must be enclosed in quotes (like "Citizen Kane" or 'Citizen Kane'), or the words must be linked with a + (plus) character (like Citizen+Kane).

The following switches are defined. Note that some of the switches have no meaning if only one search text is specified.

+text required the text must be found in the field
-text excluded the text must not be found in the field
?text or the text can be found in the field; like ?text1 text2, will find recordings with text1 or text2 in the field; if used with other switches the '?' is not needed
field=text field specific search the specified field (not the one selected in the field box); this can be combined with the +, - or ? switch; the fields are: title, cond, orch, solo, music, cue, and any


search text selected field result
+Psycho +Marnie music titles recordings containing music from both Psycho and Marnie
+Psycho -Marnie music titles recordings containing music from Psycho, but not containing music from Marnie
?Psycho Marnie music titles recordings containing music from Psycho or music from Marnie
Psycho ? Marnie music titles (same as previous)
Have Gun Will Travel music titles recordings containing music from 'Have Gun, Will Travel'; since no swithes are specified this is considered a simple search
?Have Gun Will Travel music titles recordings with music that contain one of the words 'Have', 'Gun', 'Will' or 'Travel' in the title; will find both 'Have Gun, Will Travel' and 'Williamsburg'
?"Have Gun Will Travel" music titles recordings containing music from 'Have Gun, Will Travel'
+Sedares -music="Daniel Webster" conductor recordings conducted by Sedares, but not containing music with 'Daniel Webster' in the title (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
+cond=Sedares -music=Daniel+Webster (whatever) (same as previous)


Several display options can be selected to change the way the results are displayed.

Disply type

You can display the results in three ways. Simple is one line for each entry, Normal is the standard index format, and Extended is a variation on Normal.


The results can be sorted by year or title.


Cover images can be included in the results. You can select to have all covers or only the original covers displayed. You can also select the size of the images (tiny, small or large). When images are selected the display type will automatically switch to Extended.

Please note that a large result with all cover images displayed might take a long time to download.

OST Links

If you like, you can hide any OST links in the results.


You can also make the results taggable. Meaning that you can tag selected entries in the result, and later make an index of the tagged entries. Tags are maintained during multiple searches and are only reset if you select 'New Search'.


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