Jørund Raukleiv Strømsøe


Research interests

  1. Reconstructing paleoclimatic conditions

  2. Geomorphology

  3. Weathering processes

  4. Periglacial landscapes

Contact information:

Jørund Raukleiv Strømsøe   

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

Allégaten 55,

5007 Bergen


Phone: +47 55 58 35 58

Mobile: +47 950 69 220

E-mail: jorund.stromsoe@uni.no

Position: PhD student & Researcher, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

Ongoing Projects

  1. Physical and Spatial Characteristics of the Paleic Surface of Norway

  1. Response of the Tropical Atlantic Surface and Intermediate Waters to Changes in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation     RETRO

Last update 25. Aug. 2011

Earlier I presented a comprehensive archive of pictures from my field campaigns, but I had to put some restrictions on the use of these pictures. They will still be available on request. Please feel free to contact me.