About this site


This site was created primarily out of need to collect information about my academic work in one place, organized in some meaningful fashion.

Credit for the site:

I did not want to spend too much time on making a website (I did), so I chose to use Blogdown – an R wrapper for the static site generator Hugo – having read that it's quick and requires minimal webdesign skills. For example, Dan Quintana has a nice intro on how to set things up really quickly using Blogdown.

I like Kieran Healy's site (which borrows some design features from Greg Restall's site), and wanted to use a similar design rather than an existing Hugo theme, but for whatever reason that didn't work. Googling blindly, I found Rob J. Hyndman's site, which is partly based on Healy's site design and is built with Blogdown, so I took that, and modified some bits to create this site. So, thank you to the people just mentioned.

There probably still remains some code not used for anything, as well as bugs introduced by me – I'm working on it.

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