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June, 2016

FRISP workshop 2017

31st international Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes (FRISP) workshop will be held in Bergen, June 19th-22nd, 2017. The meeting will take place at Panorama Hotell and Resort on Sotra, an island outside Bergen, Norway.

The FRISP meeting is an opportunity for scientists working on ice shelf processes to meet in an informal setting and to exchange ideas, results and field plans. As always, we welcome presentations on all aspects of ice shelf research, including, but not limited to:

  • formation, flow and disintegration of ice shelves and tidewater glaciers
  • response of ice shelves and tidewater glaciers to past, present and future climate variability
  • surface and basal mass balance of ice shelves
  • ice-ocean interaction at the calving front of ice shelves and tidewater glaciers
  • mass transport across the grounding line
  • ocean circulation and water mass transformation beneath ice shelves and within pro-glacial fjords
  • impact of ice shelves on the global ocean
  • processes controlling the delivery of ocean heat to glaciated coastlines
  • climate records from on or near current or former ice shelves
  • iceberg calving, drift, melting, and decay

Arrival - Departure
The workshop starts with ice-breaker and dinner on the 19/6 and ends before lunch on the 22/6. There will be transport arranged from Bergen airport Flesland to the hotel and from the city center of Bergen.
Airport: A bus from the bus company Tide (marked FRISP) will be waiting for you to the left when exiting the arrival area, somewhere along the red line in the figure below. Svein or Henning will meet you by the bus. The bus will leave the airport shortly after 16:30.
City Center: A bus from the bus company Tide (marked FRISP) will be waiting for you at platform P at Bergen bus station (The bus from the airport arrives at platform N and the tram from the airport at platform E). Kjersti will meet you by the bus which will leave at 16:30.
On the 22/6, there will be packed lunch and a bus from the hotel to the airport and city center leaving at 12:00. The bus ride to the airport is 45-50 minutes. Participants arriving later /departing earlier will have to arrange transport to the hotel on their own.

Conference fee and cost for accommodation
The cost for the hotel is 5910 NoK in single room and 4710 NoK in double room (to be paid at the hotel). This includes all meals (dinner 19/6 - lunch 22/6). In addition there will be a registration fee of 750 NoK (covering shuttle bus from the airport etc). Master and PhD students who applied for financial support will get a 30% discount.

Hotel reservation
will be arranged by us. Please direct any inquiries regarding accommodation to Elin Darelius.

The size of the poster boards are 960 x 1380 mm (PORTRAIT). Posters can be installed anytime between arrival and the first poster session and they should be removed before you leave. Phillip will be around to help you install your poster.

Oral presentations
When preparing your presentation, please keep in mind that you are talking to a multidisciplinary audience: avoid jargon and avoid/spell out all abbreviations, if needed, spend some time explaining basic concepts that will help someone from another field to understand your research. To encourage discussions, consider ending your presentations with e.g. open questions to the audience or similar. The time allocated to each presentation is 15 minutes (excluding questions), please respect that! Contributions to the "Fieldwork plan session" are limited to 10 minutes. Talks can be uploaded at any convenient time prior to your session - Philip and the conveners (see online program) will help you.

The updated program for the workshop can be found HERE.

For questions, please contact one of the local organizing committee:

FRISP 2017 is sponsored by

Aanderaa Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Nortek AS