Expeditions to the Antarctic

Plans for upcoming field activities relevant to the FRISP community


  • CTD-tagging of elephant seals on King George Island to monitor the Filchner-Ronne (FR) outflow (multiyear project, Michael Schröder)
  • Polarstern cruise to monitor the FR outflow (2012-2013, Michael Schröder)
  • Polarstern cruise to the Larsen A,B,C area to identify HSSW & ISW sources as well as for biological studies, and still place on the ship! (2014, Michael Schröder)
  • Polar 5 airborne obersvations: Magnetic, gravity & ice thickness survey of blue ice fields on the route: Novo-Kohnen-Neumayer-Casey-DomeA-DomeF (2010-2011, Daniel Steinhage)


  • Hot water drilling and deployment of CTD-, turbulence- and upward looking sonar-sensors on King-George and Larsen C Ice Shelf, to investigate turbulence near the ice shelf base (2010-2011, Keith Nicholls)
  • GPR measurements on Foundation Ice Stream to study areas with complicated topography and high meltrates (2010-2011, Keith Nicholls)
  • Several cruises, including the maintenance of the Weddell Sea moorings as well as autosub exploration of the Thwaites Ice Shelf cavity (upcoming years, Keith Nicholls)


  • Deployment of upward looking sonar and open ocean moorings in the Amery Ice Shelf area (2010-2013, Neal Young)
  • Glaciological and oceanographic fieldwork on Mertz-Glacier and –polynia region (beyond 2010, Neal Young)
  • Airborne observations of Totten Glacier as part of ICECAP & ICEBRIDGE (time? , Neal Young)
  • Extensive SIPEX cruise comprising many components to validate sea-ice thickness data from satellite observations (time? , Neal Young)


  • Repeat of last season’s GPR traverses, stake nets and GPS measurements on Fimbul Ice Shelf (2010-2011, Tore Hattermann)
  • Recovery and maintenance of CTD & RDCP moorings below Fimbul Ice Shelf (2010-2011, Tore Hattermann)

Research vessels

Information about RV Polarstern and field activity at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany.

RRS James Clark Ross  and the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

RRS Ernest Shackleton and the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.