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    My research interests are mainly in Algorithms and Combinatorics: Parameterized Algorithms and Kernelization +++ Graph Algorithms +++ Exact (exponential time) Algorithms +++ Algorithmic Foundations of Machine Learning +++ Approximation Algorithms ++++ Algorithmic Fairness +++ Matroid Algorithms +++ Graph Minors +++ Metric Embedding +++ Graph Coloring +++ Treewidth +++ Pursuit-evasion and graph searching.

    Selected publications

    • F. V. Fomin and D. Lokshtanov and S. Saurabh, Excluded grid minors and efficient polynomial-time approximation schemes, J. ACM (2018).   PDF
    • H. L. Bodlaender and F. V. Fomin and D. Lokshtanov and E. Penninkx and S. Saurabh and D. M. Thilikos, (Meta) Kernelization, J. ACM (2016).   PDF
    • F. V. Fomin and D. Lokshtanov and F. Panolan and S. Saurabh, Efficient Computation of Representative Families with Applications in Parameterized and Exact Algorithms, J. ACM (2016).   PDF
    • F. V. Fomin and F. Grandoni and D. Kratsch, A measure & conquer approach for the analysis of exact algorithms, J. ACM (2009).   PDF
    • E. D. Demaine and F. V. Fomin and M. Hajiaghayi and D. M. Thilikos, Subexponential parameterized algorithms on bounded-genus graphs and H-minor-free graphs, J. ACM (2005).   PDF

    Publications in journals (with links) and in arXiv