FRISP Report No. 14 (2006)

Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes (FRISP)
Report No. 14 (2006)

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compiled by:
Lars H. Smedsrud
BCCR, Bergen, Norway

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The 15 th and 16th International Workshop of the Forum for Research on Ice Shelf Processes (FRISP) gathered in total 26 participants from Australia, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

At the moment there is no further details on the Münster workshop available, but the submitted reports have been included here.

The Bergen workshop was held without the present chairman Hans Oerter, and in his place Svein Østerhus wished everybody welcome. It continued with a good update of the different Australian activities on the Amery ice shelf. We hope to see our Australian colleagues again at a later meeting, as FRISP is now scheduled to be a more general forum covering activity on Antarctic Ice Shelves in general.

Adrian Jenkins was elected as the new chairman, and Lars H. Smedsrud as a new editor of the reports/www pages. A new Bjerknes Center for Climate Research (BCCR) has been established in Bergen, and has taken over after AWI in hosting the www pages, and printing reports. The aim of the Bjerknes Centre is to become an acknowledged center for cutting edge climate research and research training in order to further our knowledge of past, present and future climate change with emphasis on Northwest Europe, the Northern Seas, the North Atlantic and the Arctic regions.

There was a small discussion of how we should develop objectives for FRISP in the future, and Ian Allison held out the idea to get funding if we had anything special we wanted to start. Participants find the workshops fruitful as an informal forum for meeting colleagues and important for the exchange of ideas. Everybody would also like to see a continuation of the printed reports, and will submit extended abstracts from the talk given. In addition the papers should be available in PDF format on the FRISP www pages, and these will be available when participants have submitted them to the editor. The next meeting will be during the first half of June in Cambridge.

We thank Hans Oerter, Alfred Wegener Institute, for acting as the chairman since 1999, and for all the effort he has done with publishing the FRISP reports. After the meeting the decision was made to include papers from the two last workshops in this FRISP report No 14 (2006).

Lars H. Smedsrud


Corr, H, C.S.M. Doake, A. Jenkins and K. Nicholls
Direct measurements of ice-shelf bottom melting rates by phase sensitive radar
page 7-10

Doake, C.SM. and H. Corr
Polarisation of radio waves transmitted through Brunt Ice Shelf
page 11-17

Fahrbach, E., S. Harms, H. Hellmer, A. Jenkins, K. Nicholls, S.Østerhus, L. Padman, G. Rohardt, M. Schröder, and R.Woodgate
Oceanographic observations in the framework of FRISP during the "Polarstern"-cruise ANT XV/4 in 1999
page 18-27

Jenkins, A., D. Holland, K. Nicholls, K.
Oceanographic conditions beneath Ronne Ice Shelf: a comparison between model and field data
page 28-33

Makinson, K.
Tidal vertical mixing beneath Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf
page 34-39

Grosfeld, K., H. Sanhäger and M. A. Lange
Sensitivity of a coupled ice-shelf / ocean system to changed oceanographic boundaryconditions
page 40-45

Graf, W., H. Oerter and R. Mulvaney
d18O records from Berkner Island and Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
page 46-50

Schlosser, E and H. Oerter
Shallow firn cores from Neumayer, Ekströmisen - A comparison of dating methods, accumulation rates, and stable isotope ratios
page 51-57

Saheicha, K., H. Sandhäger and M.A. Lange
Modelling the flow regime of Filchner-Shelfeis
page 58-62

Herzfeld U. C.
Applications of geostatistics to glaciology from centimeter to continental scale
page 63-67

Salek, N., H. Hellmer and E. Fahrbach
On the influence of ice shelf edge position on circulation and water mass modification
page 68-73

Allison, I.
The AMISOR project: ice shelf dynamics and ice-ocean interaction of the Amery Ice Shelf
page 74-82

Hayes, K.
Lifetime of Halley: Risk of the Brunt Ice Shelf Calving
page 83-85

Riedel, B.
The elastic behavior of Ekstroemisen grounding zone
page 86-90

Rack, W. and H. Rott
Further retreat of the Northern Larsen Ice Shelf and collapse of Larsen B
page 91-94

Sanhäger, H.
Numerical study of the influence of fractures and zones of weakness on the flow regime of Larsen Ice Shelf
page 95-101

Nicholls, N. and S. Østerhus
Interannual variability beneath Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
page 102-107

Smedsrud, L.H. and A. Jenkins
Suspended frazil ice crystals below Filchner Ice Shelf
page 108-115

Nøst, O.A.
Measuring ice shelf draft and seabed topography below Fimbulisen
page 116-122

Foldvik, A., T. Gammelsrød, T. Restad and S. Østerhus
On the structure and variability of the Filchner overflow plume
page 123-134

Doake, C.S.M., H.F.J. Corr, A. Jenkins, K.W. Nicholls and C. Stewart
Interpretation of polarimetric ice penetrating radar data over Antarctic ice shelves
page 135-148

Jenkins A., H. Corr, K.W. Nicholls, C.S.M. Doake and C. Stewart
Measuring the basal melt rate of Antarctic ice shelves using GPS and phase-sensitive radar observations
page 149-156

Craven, M., A. Elcheikh, R. Brand and I. Allison
The AMISOR project, hot water drilling operations
page 157-162

Makinson, K.
Future hot water drilling on Ruthford Ice Stream 2004/05
page 163-166

Hammann, A.C. and H. Sandhäger
Propagation of cracks through an ice shelf as precondition for calving: numerical experiments with an idealized glacial system
page 167-172

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