FRISP Report No. 17 (2006)

Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes (FRISP)
Report No. 17 (2006)

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compiled by:
Lars H. Smedsrud
BCCR, Bergen, Norway

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The 19th International Workshop of the Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processes was held on 7th - 8th June 2005 at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen, Norway.

FRISP continues its circumpolar broader focus, and the Ross, Fimbul, and Brunt and Filchner-Ronne ice shelves were adressed, as well as floating ice bergs and Antarcticas role in global ocean models. A majority of the studies were numerical this year, and only two talks given were glaciological. We also had two exitingly different talks covering the circulation on the Arctic shelves and the development of the Rotating Current Meters (RCM's) that were later successfully developed by Aanderaa into the world leading product it has become.

The first horizontal measurements below an Antarctic ice shelf from the "Autosub under ice" programme was also presented, as well as detailed turbulence measurements below melting ice. The new WOCE Southern Ocean Atlas was presented and used as a background to adress the role of the Ross and Weddell Seas in bottom water formation precesses, and we had a future plans session covering the variety of the International Polar Year initiatives within the Antarctic comunity.

Adrian Jenkins will continue as chairman, and the reports will still be printed by the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR). University of Bergen host the FRISP web pages ( The participants found the simplicity of the web pages a good policy and the online reports useful in addition to the printed reports. CRYOLIST will still be the recomendation to spread information in the FRISP comunity.

Lars H. Smedsrud


Darelius, E., S. Østerhus and T. Gammelsrød
 Variability of the Filchner Overflow
page 7-13

Holland, P. and D. L. Feltham
Rotating Ice Shelf Water plumes
page 14-19

Thoma, M., K. Grosfeld and M. A. Lange
The impact of mixing parameterisation and bathymetry  filtering on the simulated hydrography
along steep continental shelf regions in terrain following ocean models
page 20-29

Bindschadler, R.
IPY Collaborative Research: Ocean-Ice Sheet Interaction in the Amundsen Sea

page 30-31

Darelius, E.
Topographic Steering of the Filchner Overflow - laboratory and analytical model studies
page 32-41

Makinson, K., K. Nicholls and P. Abrahamsen
Oceanographic processes near the Filchner Sill - plans for fieldwork in 2007

page 42-47

Holland P. R., D. L. Feltham and A. Jenkins
Validity of the Ice Shelf Water plume concept under Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf

page 48-54

Jenkins, A. and S. Jacobs Circulation and melting beneath George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctica
page 55-66

Humbert, A.
Numerical simulations of the ice flow dynamics of Fimbulisen
page 67-78

Buck, J..H.
Laboratory simulations of eddy behaviour in the region of an ice front
page 79-84

Humbert, A., and H. D. Pritchard
Numerical simulations of the ice flow dynamics of the Brunt Ice Shelf - Stancomb Wills Ice Tongue System
page 85-97

The impact of ocean warming and ice shelf geometry on the basal mass balance of the Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf
Thoma, M., K. Grosfeld, K. Makinson and M. A. Lange
page 98-103

Walker, R. T. and D. M. Holland
A two-dimensional coupled model for ice shelf-ocean interaction
page 104-106

Shoosmith, D. and A. Jenkins
Oceanographic fieldwork in the Amundsen Sea: An overview of cruise JR141
page 107-110

Participants at the workshop at Cambridge, UK (2006)

Participants at the workshop in Bergen (2005)

Presentations at Cambridge, UK

Presentations in Bergen

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